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Pronunciación /dəˈsist/ /dɪˈsiːst/

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nombreplural deceased

  • 1

    the deceased el difunto
    • Damages were reduced by two thirds for the deceased's contributory negligence.
    • They found that the dead body of the deceased bore injuries on the head, face, knees and heels of his feet and from every angle it was looking like a cold blooded murder.
    • The first three of those questions would only arise if it were held that the deceased died domiciled in Saudi Arabia.
    • At about 8.45 pm Nurse White checked the deceased's cell and found him dead.
    • The final question is how far the deceased should be regarded as responsible for his death.
    • It was accepted that the second 1990 will had been duly executed, but the deceased's testamentary capacity was in issue.
    • The emphasis of the defence case was that the appellant had stabbed the deceased accidentally whilst acting in self defence.
    • Did the evidence prove that it was the appellant who injected the deceased?
    • The claimant and the deceased were near neighbours.
    • As you will know, the statutory function of an inquest is to ascertain who the deceased was, and how, when and where he came by his death.


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    her deceased husband su difunto marido
    • William Jones, deceased el difunto William Jones
    • Instead, the personal representatives of the deceased person were permitted to maintain an action in any case where, if he had not died, he himself might have sued.
    • Applications can be made by the personal representative of a deceased patient, and anyone who may have a claim arising out of the patient's death.
    • In July he married an Australian citizen who had been the de facto spouse of his deceased brother.
    • We first meet Hamlet at the royal court of Denmark where his mother, Gertrude, has just married her recently deceased husband's brother, Claudius, who is now king.
    • There, she uncovered an old sketchbook hidden beneath her recently deceased mother's bed.
    • She felt tears gathering in the corners of her eyes as she thought about her recently deceased grandmother.
    • The issue in the case was whether the surviving partner in a homosexual couple could succeed to a protected tenancy previously held in the name of the deceased partner.
    • He later accounts for having the gold by claiming that he has received a legacy from a recently deceased relative.
    • She is deceased, your Honour, as I understand it.
    • Candles were lit and placed on the alter to the memory of deceased loved ones, young and old. unborn and those who died tragically.