Traducción de deceitful en español:


falso, adj.

Pronunciación /dəˈsitfəl/ /dɪˈsiːtfʊl/ /dɪˈsiːtf(ə)l/

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    (person) falso
    (person) embustero
    (action) engañoso
    • I forced a smile, a lying, deceitful, false smile, as if that was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard.
    • ‘In the context of these admissions, it follows that she agreed to provide a false, deceitful account,’ Mr Latham said.
    • Sceptics in the media have always seen opinion polls as crooked: not as deceitful as horoscopes, but way short of the exacting standards met by the racing tipsters.
    • Obviously, business risk is inherent in investing and we can't protect against it, but we can protect against risks of dishonesty and deceitful conduct.
    • Since Social Services expenditure is only 23 per cent of the total budget, to imply that most of the tax increase is to improve services for the elderly is deceitful political spin.
    • Of course I don't think that the purveyors of ID really think this way, it's just a deceitful and hypocritical marketing strategy.
    • It is often frivolous, vehement but mostly passionless, lazily deceitful or ill-informed and without political substance or influence.
    • The potential for dishonourable companies to act in this deceitful and dishonest manner will be given oxygen and allowed to profit by using the method blueprinted in this matter.
    • Viewers are repeatedly given indications that there is one, distinct meaning lying behind each image, yet this is a cleverly deceitful ploy.
    • These deceitful tactics are plunging mid- and low-income individuals and their families into deeper and deeper debt causing all sorts of unspeakable social vices.
    • But when we use that deceitful term, one-parent, we actually mean fatherless, in the social meaning of the word, though not of course in the genetic sense.
    • All of a sudden, what I thought was a relatively healthy and honest relationship turns out to be a run-of-the-mill deceitful one, in which I am the cuckold.
    • He said the jurors should only consider the defendant's lies and deceitful behaviour as evidence against him if they were sure they were the actions of a man trying to cover up murder.
    • This is deceitful and wrong - not to mention unnecessary.
    • Choderlos de Laclos' 18 th-century novel is a marvellous monument to lust, guilt and deceitful manipulation written in letter form.
    • That is so wilfully deceitful as to constitute a lie.
    • Distressed by his deceitful, frivolous use of their savings, the Blackwells told friends that they would never again trust their son with money.
    • But the more you look into his claims, the more they seem deceitful.
    • His behavior was not only deceitful and unethical, but it was also potentially damaging to his own party.