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decente, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdis(ə)nt/ /ˈdiːs(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(seemly, proper)

      (language/conduct/dress) decente
      (language/conduct/dress) decoroso
      are you decent? ¿estás presentable?
      • he remarried after a decent interval se volvió a casar después de que pasara un decoroso período de tiempo
      • I also wondered why a manufacturer would make an otherwise decent dress too sheer so everyone can have a perve at your undies if you wear it.
      • From the sounds downstairs, my mother was trying to recover from last night's hangover and put on a decent dress for her daughters' weddings.
      • She got out of bed and changed into a decent dress of woolspun.
      • By the time she was dressed and looking somewhat decent, she had only three minutes until Aidan was due to arrive.
      • She made for a decent picture dressed in simple dark brown cashmere, and her hair placed in a simple bun at the nape of her neck.
      • He also made the request that people who attended should attend in decent dress, as per a golf course.
      • And for heaven's sake people, put some decent clothes on your daughter.
      • Besides, I also don't want to see your hairy chest… wear some decent clothes.
      • Coincidentally, she had on very decent clothes as well, I think it was a buttoned up cardigan with jeans.
      • Others find her propensity for tacky glamour and ostentatious lack of decent clothing a little too much to bear.

    • 1.2(respectable)

      no decent person would want to be seen there ninguna persona decente se dejaría ver por ahí
      • Since then thousands of youngsters have learned good manners, decent behaviour and mutual respect, all through the seemingly anachronistic art of ballroom dancing.
      • We could help to maintain decent moral standards in advertising, by using our own purchasing power ethically.
      • We should be here in the House to establish decent standards of behaviour in our society.
      • Society has allowed a lowering of standards and eroded the rules of decent, thoughtful behaviour.
      • There is no place for it in a decent and moral society.
      • It's insulting to my morals as a decent human being to have to watch people degrade themselves on television and use sly tactics in order to win money.
      • I am impressed with the other family though, who kept their cool in the face of such childish behaviour and showed what decent people they were.
      • If some leader was prepared to argue the decent moral position, people would follow.
      • The majority of people who live on that north Peckham estate are decent, peaceful and moral.
      • But there used to be limits that decent men and women respected.
      • But this is Australia and most people are fair, decent and respect difference.
      • Ninety nine percent of Heysham High pupils are decent, respectful, hardworking and a credit to their parents.
      • Then the question that arises is what sort of political institutions and practices are appropriate in a decent society.
      • We have a lot of nice, decent people who come here to drink, and will have nowhere else to go if it is shut.
      • He said it had once been a decent community, a nice place to live, but it had gone downhill in the last five years.
      • I suppose it's harmless and they're all decent, nice people, but we don't have much in common.
      • I talk to a nice, decent guy who understands my frustration but can't do jack about it.
      • Both these people have talent but far more than that they come across as nice, decent, genuine young people.
      • Don't get me wrong, I work with nice, decent people.
      • In Anne's case, the overriding impression was that of a dignified and decent woman struggling hard to cope with the pain of ending a marriage which just hadn't worked out.

  • 2

    • 2.1(acceptable)

      (housing/income) decente
      a decent meal/suit una comida/un traje decente / como es debido
      • she has quite a decent job tiene un trabajo bastante bueno
      • Cash also plays its part in managerial success, but the £5m that Moyes has been given to spend represents no more than a down payment on a decent Premiership player.
      • Somehow, the York players transformed themselves into what we all know they have the potential to be - decent rugby players.
      • A person who loves watching movies can never be alone when they have a decent VHS or DVD player.
      • If you put all of those young players into the team at the same time, without some really decent players alongside them, you will lose.
      • Results are decent, the players are happy again, the club is doing well.
      • It's as good a day as I've had in football, and I was lucky enough to have some decent days as a player.
      • Apart from being a decent player, he's also a nice lad and is the skipper this year.
      • ‘They are playing really well and they have some decent young players, so they are a hard team to play against,’ conceded Paul.
      • Because they have only a handful of decent players, trades have been hard to come by - you can't get something for nothing.
      • In this vein, as well as the fact that this recipe is Ligurian in its history, it seemed only appropriate to post a decent pesto recipe.
      • Now I am not going to complain if they do put more stuff out of this nature but I think that there is quite a lot already - maybe I would like at least one programme a night but some decent drama would be nice as well.
      • She is offering to get me the Vegas Video 4.0 upgrade for my services, and that means decent colour correction tools, which I'd kill for.
      • It was followed by a decent Caesar salad, with a tangy dressing that was appropriately not too creamy after the pot of cheese we'd just consumed.
      • It's fair to say that a few decent shops would be nice and many areas of the town could do with a facelift, but that does not mean we live in misery and squalor.
      • What you have here is nice folks running a decent restaurant with unique food.
      • So, if you live not too far away, make sure it is on your list of places to visit next time you want to sit down to a decent meal and a nice glass of wine without breaking the bank.
      • If you think for a minute that I don't want a nice house, a decent car, gadgets and remote controls, then you've really got the wrong idea.
      • It's satisfying to get two decent, sustaining main meals for two hungry blokes out of one medium sized chicken.
      • It's been a disappointing season for us so far, so to have a decent run in the Cup is massive for us, and massive for the fans as well.
      • A decent game of football was never likely as both teams struggled to adapt to the atrocious conditions.
      • As always I struck up a conversation with the barista, commenting it had been three days since I'd had a decent cup of coffee.
      • The text is a decent size; leading satisfactory; and it's longish - nearly 400 pages - but not too long.
      • They were both pretty ordinary, lived normal lives, made satisfactory grades and were decent looking.
      • Try as I would, I couldn't seem to make a decent cup of tea, and it even looked odd - a dismal grey instead of a healthy brown.
      • Without a decent road network and fitting sewerage system, Livingstone is bound to not only lose out on increased numbers of tourists but also job creation.
      • They use cheap materials and actually destroy a lot of decent furniture and fittings in the process - if something is considered unfashionable it gets taken out or painted over.
      • We want clean, quiet hospital wards with appropriate privacy and decent food.
      • The eight English clubs with the most money should really compete for the European places if they have a half decent manager and appropriate board level backing.
      • We don't have a preference for any particular part of town, just a nice B&B with decent Tube access.
      • The truth is, most lawyers in Canada make a decent, modest living.
      • A respected international footballer speaking decent Spanish and enjoying life in Madrid should shut up both the snobs and the Europhobes.
      • The defense has been respectable and the pitching decent.
      • Leeds Council has been working successfully for a number of years with many responsible landlords who provide decent accommodation.
      • Don't get me wrong I'm not a habititual complainer, but I expect to be given a decent service and politeness, not much to ask is it?
      • Naples suffers from a dearth of decent affordable accommodation.
      • Those of us who depend on a decent public transport service are entitled to ask Mr Hughes for a list of those bus routes he intends to chop if he is elected.
      • A decent crowd of 1,526 witnessed something of a shock result, but really the game was as one-sided as anything seen at Cougar Park this season.
      • Anthony Fedorov has a decent voice, but he's more likely to make it through on sympathy votes.
      • Many women are angry that the system fails to give them a decent income and it is an issue that is likely to affect their votes on polling day.
      • Quite how authentically Tunisian the snake charmers, contortionists and belly dancers were I don't know, but it was a good laugh and the meal was decent enough.

    • 2.2(fairly good)

      she gave a decent performance su actuación fue aceptable

  • 3

    (kind, pleasant)
    it's very decent of you to help out has sido muy amable en venir a ayudar
    • he's a decent (enough) fellow es (bastante) buena persona
    • he's being very decent about it all se está portando muy bien
    • Frank has always been approachable, a very honest, decent, generous man, with a great sense of humour too.
    • Lots of Tories hold a strange affection to the ageing leftie, and when I read the last volume of his diaries he came across as a very decent, generous fellow.
    • So let no-one say British people aren't decent, aren't generous.
    • I enjoy Paul's company and judge him to be decent and generous-hearted.
    • Tommie was regarded among all who knew him as a very decent and obliging man.
    • ‘David was the best husband you could wish for; he was loving, dependable and considerate, a very decent man,’ she said.
    • We may disagree on much, but he's a thoughtful, decent man.
    • If you stick around and look underneath the make-up you just may find a very decent and worthy human being.
    • John and Rich were very decent though, agreeing to sleep on the lounge floor.
    • He's a decent bloke, kind, generous and gentle to a fault.
    • He was a grand decent neighbour, reliable and dependable, and one of the fine ‘old stock’ of the parish.
    • I told her everything and she listened, which I thought was pretty decent of a total stranger who looked sober.
    • It was decent of him to apologize to you.
    • Brett has been Mr House Husband today, cooking dinner and now doing the washing up, which is very decent of him as I'm feeling a bit rough for some reason.