Translation of deceptive in Spanish:


engañoso, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈsɛptɪv/ /dɪˈsɛptɪv/

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    (exterior/manner) engañoso
    (simplicity/ease) engañoso
    (simplicity/ease) aparente
    appearances can be deceptive las apariencias engañan
    • But while it looked easy enough, I soon discovered appearances can be deceptive.
    • Today it announced the start of legal action alleging misleading and deceptive conduct.
    • Bellamy looks small and slight beside his teammate, but never have appearances been so deceptive.
    • But take the time to talk to him and you realise just how deceptive outward appearances can be.
    • We looked the part, but appearances came be deceptive, as I was soon to discover.
    • Appearances are deceptive in these restaurants, which look like dingy pubs from the outside.
    • The question that Mr Justice Brownie had to decide is whether that was misleading or deceptive.
    • He said the slogans of chief minister are hollow and deceptive and that there is no logic in his arguments.
    • First impressions can more often than not be deceptive, but when it comes to football they tend to be spot on.
    • Once again I do not consider that he has any prospect of establishing that the entry in the log is in any way false or deceptive.
    • Double-talk and deceptive marketing materials figure large in this enterprise.
    • Others may use deceptive sales tactics and false positives to scare up sales from confused users.
    • His solution, as brilliant as it is deceptive, is to reinvent himself as a moderate.
    • Spokesman for Cumbria Constabulary Mike Head warned that lake waters could be dangerously deceptive.
    • His main asset is his pace and it's deceptive pace as well because you don't realise just how quickly he's travelling.
    • Quantitative studies must be done exactly right in every detail or the numbers will be deceptive.
    • A blogger has caught out the The New York Times in a bit of deceptive reporting.
    • At present the public have few reliable ways of detecting whether reporting is deceptive or not.
    • Diagnosing this deceptive and deadly disease is a nightmare for doctors as well as patients.
    • A partial recovery a few days later raised hopes, but turned out to be deceptive.