Traducción de deceptively en español:


Pronunciación /dəˈsɛptəvli/ /dɪˈsɛptɪvli/


  • 1

    it's deceptively simple/easy es aparentemente simple/fácil
    • he looks deceptively young no es tan joven como parece
    • Their idea is deceptively simple: allow people to chat each other up on their mobile phones.
    • It achieved all this with a deceptively simple idea: buy electricity from private power producers and resell it to municipal and state utility companies.
    • No matter who her intended audience - readers of a scholarly journal or a museum catalog - she speaks in the same clear and deceptively simple conversational voice.
    • When she spoke, her voice was deceptively calm.
    • Her voice was deceptively calm, but Tyler could tell it was taking a great amount of strength to keep it that way.
    • Although very sophisticated, his music often appears deceptively simple and straight-forward, and the pop shine given to some of these compositions helps making this is most accessible record to date.
    • The facts may appear to be deceptively simple but, as in most VAT cases, the answer seems to be made to be anything but straightforward.
    • A deceptively calm, undeniably male voice called from the hallway.
    • The infamous perfectionist Tati continually chooses gentle smiles over hearty belly laughs, the deceptively simple slapstick sequences often much more clever than laugh-out-loud funny.
    • Their designs are timeless, evocative, and deceptively simple - and in the decades that have followed, I can't think of anyone whose work approaches their level.
    • ‘You learn with experience how to deal with potential troublemakers,’ says Robin, a deceptively slight figure who is one of the softest spoken men I have ever known.
    • Most of the audience here tonight probably have records that are older than the deceptively shambolic-looking crew - these recent Mercury Music Prize nominees have an average age of 21.
    • It started as a deceptively gentle ballad, softly sung by Andrew, before crunching, frenzied guitars were unleashed at triple speed and Ger plunged head first through walls of fractured noise into Matt's drum kit.
    • If you get the order wrong, you'll discover that the deceptively sharp corner of the box of detergent will slice through the soft paper bag containing the litter like a cleaver through margarine, or, if you will, a chainsaw through lard.
    • He had a quiet and low-key manner which made him seem a deceptively average person - the intelligence of his self-disguise connected his early interest in theatre with his professional life.
    • The deceptively innocuous question, ‘Do you think California's DUI laws are too harsh, too lenient, or just right?’
    • We got to practice some Aikido in a park yesterday, and while the ground beneath the deceptively soft grass is itself much harder than a mat, I'm still glad.
    • Looking east, past US 101 and San Quentin Point, the blue ragged ridges of Mt. Diablo seemed deceptively close.
    • Not unlike Niccol himself, who is deceptively soft-spoken, a quality that almost disguises his healthy degree of cynicism about mainstream cinema.
    • The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill moves at a pleasant, deceptively casual pace, which gives you little inkling of the dramatic twists this tale will take, and the surprises at the end.