Translation of decide in Spanish:


decidir, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈsaɪd/ /dɪˈsʌɪd/

Definition of decidir in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (person) decidir
      I can't decide which I prefer no puedo decidir cuál prefiero
      • you must decide what to do/when to act/where to go tú tienes que decidir qué vas a hacer/cuándo debes actuar/adónde vas a ir
      • have you decided anything yet? ¿ya has decidido / resuelto algo?
      • I've decided to learn karate he decidido / resuelto aprender karate
      • in the end she decided (that) he was right al final decidió que él tenía razón
      • you can't just decide you want to leave school no puedes decidir así como así que quieres dejar el colegio
      • In the end what decided me was not guesses about time, but feelings about which walks are pleasing and which ones aren't.
      • That's when our parish council must decide its financial plans.
      • Rob M. looked like he was in charge, making the decisions, and deciding his own fate.
      • However, the state has not yet enacted the agreement and Nu Image has been awaiting the authorities' decision before deciding its own action on the case.
      • Arguments for and against a controversial new theme park ride have been aired before a Government inspector who must decide its fate.
      • In the end, how you play the game and the decisions you make will decide his fate and the fate of the town.
      • The Barbican's new-found success as home to the world's second-biggest snooker tournament must surely be weighed in the balance when the council decides its future.
      • For Murphy, the past has finally caught up and he must now decide his own fate.
      • This placement reflects the impartiality of the jurors who must decide guilt or innocence.
      • Each government must decide its various priorities, and these may vary from year to year, decade to decade.
      • These extra expenses and the resulting lower net income must be measured before deciding our tuition rates.
      • Labour council leader Cllr Bob Howarth told a meeting of the executive that the council's other political parties would have a say in deciding council tax increases.
      • Tonight Swindon Council will end months of speculation when it decides the level of council tax for the next financial year.
      • The future of Southampton's bin service was yesterday decided at a full council meeting.
      • However, the council will not decide its budget until February 21 and the plans could be opposed by other party political groups.
      • The case soon went to court and my future was decided by a jury.
      • The bowler must be allowed to bowl until the committee decides his fate.
      • The outcome was decided by a family vote.
      • Before the details of the new bond issue are decided, several important questions have to be answered.
      • Until January 2001, 70 % of complete applications were decided within one week of receipt.
      • A panel of judges will decide the Variety Club awards, which will go to the region's top personalities in sport and media.

    • 1.2(persuade)

      what finally decided me was the price lo que me decidió / me hizo decidir fue el precio
      • what decided you to come? ¿qué te decidió a venir?

  • 2

    (settle, determine)
    (question/issue) decidir
    (outcome) determinar
    it will decide who wins the election decidirá quién gana las elecciones
    • The match was decided on the last game of the evening when Hansen was able to overcome Armstrong.
    • Claremorris now face Westport B in a game that will decide the championship in Westport Saturday week.
    • For the first time, an NFL championship game would be decided in sudden-death overtime.
    • Now, it appears possible that that game could decide the conference championship.
    • David says the national question will be decided at a three-day congress in late October.
    • Eligibility to free health care is quite properly a political question, to be decided by due democratic process.
    • The choices of what limits should be imposed are decided by electoral contest.
    • The college bowl season centres on New Year's Day, though the game that decides the national collegiate champions is no longer played on that day.
    • All those questions will be decided by medical assessors and will not be open to litigation.
    • It was fitting that this pacey, engaging, if not top standard, game should be decided by a goal of beauty.
    • It's going to be like a high school basketball game that is decided by the final shot at the buzzer.
    • The Minor Premiership will now be decided in the final game of the season between the clubs next weekend.
    • The game should be decided by either good batting or good bowling… rather than being won by default.
    • It also doesn't alter the nature of the tie or the criteria by which that game will be decided, until now.
    • Should Topalov win the final game, the match will be decided by a playoff later in the day.
    • The election was decided ultimately by the large postal vote of emigrants from the province.
    • Having the election decided by the courts rather than voters is deeply unsatisfactory.
    • The US election is not decided by the popular vote, but by a state electoral college system.
    • Too much effort has gone into each team's preparations to allow a game be decided on a poor decision by a referee.
    • By the time this letter is read the last Test will have probably been decided.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to decide in favor of/against sth/sb
    it's hard to decide between the two es difícil decidirse por uno de los dos