Traducción de decided en español:


claro, adj.

Pronunciación /dəˈsaɪdəd/ /dɪˈsʌɪdɪd/

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  • 1

    (improvement/advantage/preference) claro
    (improvement/advantage/preference) marcado
    • My dad puts a comforting hand on my mother's shoulder and gets up; a decided look on his face.
    • In his views, he was very decided.
    • She's very decided on what she thinks, more than I am.
    • Mid-way through her answer, her neatly measured affability gives way to a decided prickliness.
    • The unfolding credit market dislocation took a decided turn for the worst this week.
    • The density of the population figures by county shows a decided bias in favour of East Anglia.
    • What is clear is the art industry is making a decided shift into the online world.
    • Human growth hormone has some decided advantages and some very gross disadvantages.
    • In addressing his players, Johnstone reminded them of their decided advantage.
    • Koenig feels it is a decided advantage, and Barnhart agrees and also has them on his gun.
    • Ongerup have a decided advantage in the ruck with big Lance Hart.
    • He is better prepared this time and has the decided advantage of having five years of work behind him.
    • The new Mustang has disc brakes all round, a decided improvement on the original cars.
    • The tone of the choir was good and the attack clear, a decided improvement being noticeable by those who heard them give the same music five years ago.
    • Behind all of this lies Hollywood's decided lack of interest in art
    • He was a superb organizer and administrator and a man with a decided preference for West Point-trained officers.
    • There has been a decided shift in public opinion.
    • While there are some very decided similarities, there are some very distinct differences as well.
  • 2

    (person/character/tone) decidido