Translation of decimate in Spanish:


diezmar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛsəˌmeɪt/ /ˈdɛsɪmeɪt/

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transitive verb

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    • A University of Sydney researcher is claiming up to a third of our snake species could be decimated.
    • The idea grew out of an effort to save highly endangered Micronesian kingfishers in Guam, where many bird species had been decimated by a brown snake invasion.
    • Prior to 1990 the species had been decimated by a combination of habitat loss and capture of birds for the pet trade, and was considered extinct in the wild.
    • Native clam populations in the Great Lakes have been decimated, and other species that compete for food with the mussels are in sharp decline.
    • At the same time some of the native species that were decimated by the Nile Perch, or were even thought extinct, were coming back.
    • Of course, if a walker happened to stumble on the nest of one of the few remaining pairs of a species which has been decimated by farming practices, damage could result.
    • Yet both dam projects would decimate the very scrubland the lynx depends on.
    • The fishing fleet may have been decimated, and the pits and shipyards may have been replaced by air-conditioned call centres, but Britain's industrial heritage lives on in song.
    • Scotland's fishing fleet has been decimated and the rest of us were as powerless as the Scottish Minister for Fishing.
    • The big fleet in Thailand was decimated in a fire at the Royal Varuna Club several years ago, though there are still a few ‘vintage’ boats at Varuna.
    • Populations of these invertebrates have been decimated or even eradicated in areas where wasps are common.
    • Fields are still small, there are no huge modern sheds and the pastures are rich in species that would otherwise have been decimated by modern farming methods.
    • Thousands of bee swarms in the central Eastern Cape have been decimated by a deadly blood-sucking Asian mite which destroys the male drone bees and damages female worker bees.
    • Trees are hard to kill, but their populations can be decimated by the same types of parasitic or bacterial plagues that can destroy human populations.
    • Those groups are the remnants of populations that were decimated by whalers and other seafarers who killed the creatures for food.
    • A lot of the bird species here, particularly the migratory waders, have been decimated.
    • Extensive wetlands in Sonora have been decimated by irrigated agriculture and urbanization.
    • The plague decimated the working population of Europe, and this left large tracts of land vacant.
    • A huge Scots army was decimated, thousands killed, enslaved, or exiled.
    • Encroachment by farmers and livestock was already decimating the park's wildlife.