Translation of decision-making in Spanish:


toma de decisiones, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈsɪʒənˌmeɪkɪŋ/ /dəˈsɪʒ(ə)nˌmeɪkɪŋ/


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    toma de decisiones feminine
    (body/process) (before noun) decisorio
    she has an aptitude for decision-making tiene aptitud para tomar decisiones
    • The state was the locus of political decision-making for society.
    • The former cabinet secretary has long been critical of the decline of cabinet decision-making.
    • The present centralised structure of the education system does not lend itself to agility in decision-making.
    • By nature, strategic leadership requires consequential decision making.
    • Identifying high-risk patients is also important in therapeutic decision making.
    • However, in the absence of a definitively positive trial, many consider meta-analysis inadequate evidence for clinical decision making.
    • A camp may want to help campers improve decision-making skills.
    • Speed has become a defining quality of successful decisionmaking.
    • Selling calves at weaning provided the most variation in the decision-making outcomes.
    • The very nature of democracy requires public input into decision-making, not technocrats deciding what is good for the public.
    • The moment we get into murky decision-making processes, everybody has an alibi.
    • The present study examined the effects of integrating an ethical decision making process into a high school community service program.
    • The balance of rational decision-making seems to point against the link.
    • In the past decision-making within the company was very centralized.
    • This model permits simple cost-benefit analysis in the context of the criminal decision making process.
    • Participants were asked a number of questions in the interview that pertained to couple decision making.
    • This ensures effective decision-making in employing all rescue assets.
    • For students of U.S. national security decision making, this book is a superb case study.
    • The Executive Council is the highest decision-making authority.
    • The remainder of this section explores the implications of these conclusions for pedagogical decision-making.