Translation of decisive in Spanish:


decisivo, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈsaɪsɪv/ /dɪˈsʌɪsɪv/

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  • 1

    (battle/influence/factor) decisivo
    (victory) contundente
    • That goal proved crucial as it was the only decisive result between the top four teams.
    • In 1918 across the Western Front and in Italy the decisive final battles of the war were fought.
    • Holland is expected to deliver a similarly decisive result when a referendum is held there tomorrow.
    • I agree with that analysis and I regard it as decisive of the issue which is before us in this case.
    • The decisive battle was fought in Ireland.
    • It was the decisive land battle of the Second World War and saw armoured and aerial clashes on a ferocious scale.
    • Wind and weather have frequently played a decisive role in battles or campaigns.
    • This means that it is a matter for the judge, and expert evidence will not be decisive.
    • David Jack was again the goal hero in the final, making the decisive strike 15 minutes from the end.
    • The findings were so decisive and conclusive as to leave absolutely no room for argument.
    • Back at the summit, I believe the new rules could well play a decisive role in determining who comes out on top.
    • In the event, these were to make a decisive contribution to the final outcome of the Cold War.
    • We are at a decisive moment in British politics where Europe is concerned.
    • The vote was a decisive and important one as it was his first time as leader facing the public.
    • The artillery was expected to play a decisive role in the opening stages of a battle.
    • This election was perhaps the first one in which the electronic media played a decisive role.
    • Tracing back their lives, the survey found that in almost every case the decisive factor had been marriage.
    • Gillingham scored the decisive goal only six minutes after Cox's red card.
    • Today's game will be so tight that a single mishap could prove decisive.
    • Unfortunately, a heavy price had been paid for the decisive victory that morning.
  • 2

    (person/personality) decidido
    (person/personality) resuelto
    (leadership/answer) firme
    • But the motives of many are a more base fear of the side effects of doing anything decisive.
    • The firm and decisive action taken indicates how seriously the ECB and the club have treated the case.
    • You may be frustrated with him or her for not being very decisive.
    • He not only looked but sounded much more assured, and a great deal more decisive than he has lately been given credit for.
    • Like Clifford, he is decisive and very skilled at pushing agendas through.
    • Kyle Robson, 18, from Peatmoor, is more decisive and thinks the voting age is fine as it is.
    • It helped a bit, too, that there was a quality, decisive referee to oversee the action.