Translation of decisively in Spanish:


contundentemente, adv.

Pronunciation /dəˈsaɪsəvli/ /dɪˈsʌɪsɪvli/


  • 1

    (beat/win) contundentemente
    • The party's annual conference voted decisively to extend the present ban on corporal punishment in schools to family life.
    • Police officers have voted decisively against routinely carrying firearms, despite rocketing gun crime.
    • He fought at the battle of Worcester where the royalists were decisively defeated.
    • The time may finally have come to confront and decisively defeat academic political correctness.
    • In reality, the German army was decisively beaten in the field by an army superior in every respect.
    • Brown still decisively beats Cameron by 52 per cent to 32 per cent when voters are asked which is the strongest leader.
    • With wind and sun advantage to come the game had swung decisively in favour of the Glasgow side.
    • At this pivotal moment, the balance of psychological power decisively shifts.
    • Instead, the game turned decisively in the Vikings' favor.
    • In the ensuing election Peel won decisively.
  • 2

    (speak/act) con decisión
    • Bruce has proved again that he is an extremely adaptable manager who reacts decisively to problems.
    • At numerous stages in the case, social workers had failed to intervene decisively to save the boy.
    • Students need to learn how to write effectively, think quickly and decisively act on a plan.
    • The Children's Minister made it clear the Coalition was minded to move decisively on maternity leave entitlement.
    • We react decisively to protect life whenever evidence points to there being a risk from a firearm and that often means the deployment of armed officers.
    • She took the initiative and immediately and decisively rejected Nick when he said that love wasn't fun any more.
    • His survivors neither decisively pull together nor fall apart.
    • In June, French and Dutch voters decisively rejected the European constitution.
    • He quietly but decisively got down to the business of saving lives.
    • He's decisively taken charge of the situation.