Translation of deck in Spanish:


cubierta, n.

Pronunciation /dɛk/

Definition of cubierta in Spanish


  • 1

    • 1.1Nautical

      cubierta feminine
      (cabin/cargo/games) (before noun) de cubierta
      below deck(s) bajo cubierta
      • to go up on deck salir a cubierta
      • to be on deck estar esperando turno
      • The play opens on the deck of a ship that is sailing from the north African city of Carthage to the Italian city of Naples.
      • The launchers are installed at a fixed elevation on the upper deck behind the main mast.
      • Adrianna was standing on the forecastle deck near the bowsprit of the ship, staring out at the crashing waves and crystal clear water.
      • They soon came to the door that opened up to the deck of the ship.
      • Provision has been made for smokers on the aft decks of all vessels, with shelter for use in bad weather.
      • They sat on the open deck, using a battened hatchway as a table, and feasted on fresh produce purchased on the quay.
      • The idea is to provide a warning should a door or hatch be opened during periods when access to the upper deck has not been authorised.
      • Crews of 25 to 60 men would have been common, seated on benches on open decks, although the largest ships could have carried as many as 100 or more.
      • He pulled her to one of the central stairwells and they went down again, away from the open decks, seeking cover in the interior of the ship.
      • This was possibly the most dangerous place on the ship, other than the open decks.
      • It's not as complex as it sounds, because many internal bulkheads have collapsed and hatches between decks are all open.
      • The vessel has 17 decks, which tower 200 feet above the waterline, and will be capable of speeds of up to 30 knots.
      • The vessel's first and only consignment of freight included more than 100 articulated lorries, and scores of trucks crowd the ship's upper decks.
      • The ferry was a very large vessel with 3 different decks for cars, trucks and buses.
      • You can walk around, sit in different areas, or you can go up to the top level viewing deck and watch the vessel depart the harbour.
      • We stood on the deck of ship as it began to sail away from our old camp.
      • The starboard side and part of the deck were smashed open, metal sheets torn and crushed.
      • This is a far cry from a more leisured age when elegant vessels with teak decks with highly polished brass pottered about the Mediterranean making unhurried stops at little Aegean ports.
      • Smokers crossing the Irish Sea could find themselves banished to the open decks of all ferries to and from the Republic.
      • Extending for most of the length of the vessel, the deck is nicely sheltered from wind and rain under most conditions.

    • 1.2US (of stadium)

      nivel masculine
      • The concrete deck forms a platform from which the building rises.
      • It even has its own viewing platform, up a spiral stair to the rooftop deck.
      • Taipei 101 management will open an observation deck on the 89th floor of the building on Jan.19.
      • Open decks form the main showroom spaces, while simple glass enclosures contain administration, staff and sales rooms.
      • Visitors enjoy 360 degree views from the enclosed observation deck or can go outside if they'd like.
      • There was a tourist observation deck nearby, outfitted with telescopes.
      • He got up in that parking deck with his DV camera, and he captured this amazing storm surge as it rolled in.
      • Three boys climb the staircase to a second-floor observation deck to soak in the view.
      • Nine pedestals lining the outdoor observation deck support smaller telescopes for hands-on undergraduate learning.
      • After that, we'll go to the Space Needle and go to the very top observation deck.
      • Two patients actually died on that parking deck as these guys were pumping air into their lungs for hours and hours on end.
      • At the top of the tower, where views are stupendous, is an observation deck and the building seems poised in air.
      • She just envied Sam because of the view of New York from his building's roof deck.
      • Resurfacing work to the top deck of the multi-storey car park begins on Monday, February 9th.
      • We are looking at the possibility of having an extra deck on the main car park.
      • Mayo said construction on the parking deck could start in August and end in February.
      • From its three viewing decks, tourists peer through coin-operated telescopes at tiny hikers negotiating jagged trails down the valley.
      • Since then, it has been on permanent display on the upper deck of the pier near the site of the bowling alley destroyed by fire in 1995
      • Then the structure's bare steel deck will be covered with a new membrane, followed by asphalt.

    • 1.3sun deck

      terraza feminine

    • 1.4British (of bus)

      piso masculine
      • I am not a fan of bus travel in general, with one exception, which is that I enjoy sitting in the front seat of the top deck of a double-decker bus and watching London go by.
      • One of my favourite things is to sit on the top deck of a double-decker bus and watch the world go by beneath you.
      • Mostly, however, the show ranged far further afield, with sketches taking place on the top deck of a moving double-decker bus, in the sea, in forests and so on.
      • At the Crittalls Corner roundabout, an off duty policeman finally attracted his attention to what was now a substantial fire on the top deck of the vehicle.
      • Got on a double-decker bus and sat on the top deck.
      • In a separate incident in North Yorkshire last Saturday, in York, a shotgun was fired at the top deck of a First York bus as it passed a group of teenagers in Huntington Road.
      • The men are believed to have left the 562 First bus minutes before the fire - which is being treated as arson - swept through the top deck.
      • Just two weeks ago, bus passengers in Wallington were thrown into chaos after youths set off a firework on the top deck, sparking an emergency call to the fire brigade.
      • I was coming home this evening on the top deck of a 243.
      • Looking back, there was definitely a time when my raggle-taggle mates and I wouldn't be seen dead travelling anywhere but on the top deck of the bus.
      • They've stopped riding on the top deck of the bus.
      • I boarded the first bus outside Argos on a busy Saturday afternoon, clambering up to the top deck.
      • It was such a lovely morning that I couldn't bear the thought of taking the tube, so caught the bus instead and rode on the top deck with the sun streaming in.
      • On the top deck of an old London bus (stairs and way out at the back), I took a seat near the front and listened to the radio.
      • Nand I huddled closer together on the top deck of the Routemaster.
      • I was riding into work this morning on the top deck of the bus.
      • The passengers on the top deck of a passing No 22 bus are craning their necks to stare.
      • I get the bus to work everyday and it seems that some people still believe that smoking is allowed on the top deck of the bus.
      • Nice to see that over 1,000 London Buses have been instantly improved by the simple measure of retro-fitting more windows that open on the upper decks.
      • Watching the England team's victory parade, I fear Freddie could topple from the upper deck of the open top bus at any moment.

  • 2slang

    the deck el suelo
    • to hit the deck caerse al suelo
    • It was always going to be a difficult game to officiate given Tyrone's willingness to hit the deck but White punished petulance as well as could have been expected.
    • All I see is the Marines just hit the deck and start shooting.
    • As soon as he hit the deck, Kenny Logan grabbed the ball and raced through the middle to score under the posts.
    • It's obviously payback for every time I've laughed at a little old lady who's managed to become entangled in her shopping trolley and then hit the deck.
    • We were on our feet with shock when Zabriskie hit the deck - a serious shame that he lost the yellow jersey, but an incredibly galvanising moment.
    • In a bloody brawl Botha hit the deck in the eighth round, but stormed back to all but render Briggs unconscious in the 10th and final session.
    • I hit the deck like a sack of spuds - there was blood everywhere.
    • Luckily, he was wearing a helmet, because it was dented when he hit the deck.
    • Vinny Sullivan hit the deck just as John Frost was about to throw the ball in.
    • Rugby Park's euphoria was dimmed awhile when Hay hit the deck and never got up again but the silence did not last long.
    • In the act of picking the ball up he wrenched his knee, with the ball flying from his hand and he hit the deck.
    • However on the hard, slick, floor his opponent promptly hit the deck and slid along it some distance unconscious.
    • Three horses hit the deck on the bend past the stands in the opening Bank Of Ireland Handicap Hurdle.
    • The signal officer on deck gave me the go ahead; he then hit the deck, his right hand slapping the seemingly endless strip of plywood.
    • Of course we've seen it before with Astroturf which was revolutionary at the time, but unlike Astroturf it doesn't sandpaper your knees when you hit the deck.
    • If your going to hit the deck, make sure you are wearing these…
    • They hit the deck as a loud bang echoed through the hall.
    • Barrow Drive was the big fancy for the Novice Chase but he hit the deck six fences out.
    • The attempt went over the bar and Bergkamp hit the deck but he was able to continue after treatment.
    • Soldiers can be commanded to kneel down, hit the deck and crawl, or stand up.
  • 3

    deck masculine Latin America
    pletina feminine Spain
    • I've done very technically accomplished mixes on home hi-fi equipment - two hi-fi decks and a tape recorder.
    • Sound and Video clips are played in from computer servers rather than Tape machines and record decks.
    • After the recording is finished, the tape rewinds and the deck starts scanning for commercials.
    • To me, it recalls slab-like stereos from the late 1970s combining a radio, tape player and record deck.
    • While many of his peers aspired to be club DJs, Costello exchanged his record decks for a synthesiser after only a week.
    • His remarkable adapted style at the decks involves him mixing records using his mouth.
    • On stage, he is a 20-something man with a shaven head, a cardigan, a bow-tie, and a pipe, who pretends to manipulate a pair of decks whilst a tape plays in the background.
    • He smiles back at me as the tape in the deck stops and rips.
    • I eagerly opened them up and popped one of the VHS tapes into my deck.
    • Another of my friends had brought a record deck, another his BBC Micro computer, and all of a sudden things didn't look too bad at all.
    • I decided to put a tape in the deck and get lost in some music.
    • A DJ mix album in the conventional live club experience sense of the word there's no clever edits, effects or computer assistance here just a man, a record box and two decks.
    • Music throughout the night will be provided by a pretty woman who bought some record decks especially.
    • The suit and tie may have been a serious sartorial mistake, but being pictured behind some record decks makes for a good photo opportunity.
    • Norman also brought back the idea of twin record decks from the US.
    • Roadies come on and start removing record decks from the middle of the stage.
    • But before I let him off the phone, I plugged headphones into the deck and listened to one of the tapes.
    • A call centre operator from Trowbridge is hoping her talent on the mixing decks will win her the chance to perform in the dance tent at this year's Glastonbury festival.
    • It might seem odd that DJs and techno bands from Sweden to Austria would abandon conventional mixing decks for a hand-sized games console.
    • The girls look nervously at the decks, the mixing desk, the CD control panel.
  • 4

    • 4.1US Games

      deck (of cards) baraja

    • 4.2Computing

      lote masculine
      paquete masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    to deck sth (out) with sth engalanar / adornar algo con algo
    to deck sth (out) in sth engalanar algo con algo
    • You got a hint that he was a Wolves supporter from the fact that he wore a golden shirt, his car was decked out in flags… and his hair was dyed gold.
    • Their table is already decked out in the flags of several different countries.
    • This weekend many pubs will be decked out in flags and banners and a growing number of councils are spending a small fortune on celebrations.
    • The city was decked out in flags and yellow and green ribbons and it seemed that everyone was in a yellow or blue football shirt.
    • For the first time in its history, the Jumbo water tower will be decked out in dazzling lights for the festive season.
    • In one of the photographs the shop's facade is decked out in bunting, with a Union Flag flying.
    • Workplaces were decked out in red and white as workers pinned up flags of St George.
    • The whole place was a swarm of English fans, decked out in flags and scarves and with painted faces.
    • Many delegates travelled here in specially chartered buses and open-top trucks decked out in red flags.
    • Most of those present were decked out in the Kerry colours and they cheered and clapped every positive move or score the team got.
    • On the day of the wedding the church will be decked out in white flowers and candles - it will be very romantic and idyllic.
    • Pubs across the city are decked out in England colours and hundreds of drivers are displaying the flag of St George.
    • The service staff are brightly decked out in orange and black and met us with big smiles and took us to our table.
    • The groom is Scottish so he and all the ushers were decked out in kilts.
    • Officers on patrol will be decked out in a uniform of cycling jacket, trousers and cycling helmet.
    • He too was decked out in a sailor outfit, which matched his little brother's.
    • The eight were decked out in all of the gear needed for a night mission.
    • Within minutes, Kayline was decked out in the outfit they had seen in the window.
    • The place was decked out in USA mini-flags and the theme was American's Wild West days.
    • Like most of the people in town, Carly was decked out in orange and black, except a tad more subtle.
    • The frost is thick on the ground, Rudolf and Prancer are straining at the leash and the halls are decked with boughs of holly.
  • 2US informal

    (knock down)
    tumbar informal
    • I thought Kent had become timid after Kareem decked him with one punch during his rookie year.
    • When Ford again tried to reach for Grace, she spun away from him, decking him with her elbow and then knocking his feet out from under him with a deft kick.
    • She was breathing hard, and her fists were clenched as if she were ready to deck the first person that got in her way.
    • Mia whirled around, ready to deck the person holding onto her when she realized who it was.
    • This apparently caused a lot of trouble, people were actually advised to leave before they decked him.
    • At the time, my husband restrained me from going into the editor's office and decking him.
    • Now I had an opportunity to sort it out… but I decided on this occasion, decking him may not have the desired effect.
    • When Lewis's body guard tried to intercept the ruthless former champion, Tyson decked him.
    • He caught himself before he decked her, but it was a close call, and one that upset him terribly.
    • Community Radio Steve was trying to calm them all down and I swear their singer wanted to deck me.
    • I was sorely tempted to deck him, just to make certain he knew I wasn't batting on the same side as he was.
    • The pressure was on both sides and late in the term Trevor Dhu let fly with a jab that Anthony Mundine would be proud of, decking Adam Taylor and earning himself a red card.
    • ‘Robert if you finish that sentence I will be the one decking you,’ Linda's voice said, from behind Robert.
    • The only thing keeping her from decking my dad, was my pleading looks.
    • I hated how he was being so nice about it, instead of just decking me and yelling at me about how I was being stupid and selfish.
    • They said nothing, but one guy in front took a step forward and decked me.
    • No words were exchanged as the redhead, a good head shorter than the Cooper boy, decked him.
    • Halton had a bug eyed stare proving him to be scared stiff and he was decked with a big right to the temple.
    • She just wanted to deck her, but wasn't going to stoop to her level.