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declive, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈklɪvədi/ /dɪˈklɪvɪti/

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nombreplural declivities

  • 1

    declive masculino
    • Set in the Catskill Mountains, the canvas's foreground depicts a logged-over declivity through which runs a thin trickle of water that carries the viewer's eye toward a farmhouse barely visible in the shadows.
    • Their private apartment rising to a two-storey townhouse overlooking the golf course and encompassing vistas that include the Nephin mountains and a gradual declivity of agricultural land that snuggles in the Moy estuary.
    • The Brahmaputra River, one of the great rivers of the world, pours down from Tibet, in a steep declivity, into Assam, down toward Bangladesh and the Bay of Bengal.
    • Hours later, I found the pass at over 18,000 feet, a sharp declivity between two minor summits.
    • When he walked, he walked as though he went down a declivity.
    • A hundred metres to the north is an ancient cairn/wind shelter sitting on the edge of the declivity which leads to Scope End.