Translation of decode in Spanish:


descodificar, v.

Pronunciation /diˈkoʊd/ /diːˈkəʊd/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (signal) descodificar
    (message) descifrar
    • After all, the US had broken Japan's diplomatic codes and could sometimes decode messages faster than the Japanese themselves.
    • The British, having broken into the German codes, decoded the telegram.
    • In April 1943, America's intelligence decoded a Japanese message that informed them that Yamamoto was going to visit the northern Solomon Islands on April 18th.
    • My job was in the telegram section; I was not involved in the handling of the so-called ‘routine telegrams,’ rather my major task was to decode telegrams in code.
    • Each transmission can go on for about ten minutes and it's thought that the transmissions are used to send code to agents in the field, who then decode the message to receive instructions or whatever.
    • From 1939 to 1940, along with others, he designed a machine known as the ‘Bomba’ that successfully decoded German messages and provided pivotal intelligence to the Allies.
    • All the agent needs is an innocent looking radio and the right cipher to decode the message.
    • This was the time of the Civil War between the Royalists and Parliamentarians and Wallis used his skills in cryptography in decoding Royalist messages for the Parliamentarians.
    • But they are unaware that England has obtained a copy of the machine and is decoding every message.
    • Nelson quickly decoded the message and shared it with his Senior officers.
    • The British intercepted and decoded the message, and passed it to the US State Department.
    • Viète was certainly well known for his mathematical abilities by this time and, as one of the Henry IV's most loyal supporters, it was natural for Henry to turn to Viète to decode messages being sent to his enemy Philip II of Spain.
    • Further legislation is expected, with repeated calls being made to ban encryption technology unless government agencies are provided with a means to decode messages.
    • Official bodies have the right to use technical means to decode messages.
    • Changes in the way the Germans encoded their messages had meant that Bletchley lost the ability to decode the messages.
    • Indeed, spies have been drawing pictures of enemy facilities and decoding messages for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.
    • He started running an encrypt match algorithm to decode the message, and within ten seconds the computer had discovered what code was being used.
    • Tests showed that they could encode, transmit and decode a three-line English message in 20 seconds, about 90 times as fast as machines of that era.
    • Yeltsin was also helped by international support, especially from the USA, whose CIA was able to record and decode the entire communication between the coup leaders.
    • By the middle of 1941 Turing's statistical approach, together with captured information, had led to the German navy signals being decoded at Bletchley.
    • Every time the digitiser ‘listens’ to the music it records a number that will allow that tiny slice of music to be reproduced when the digital audio is decoded and made into analogue music that you can hear.
    • For those who don't have cable or satellite TV and don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new set, a converter box will be available to receive and decode digital signals.
    • Its ‘brain’ is the processor that decodes the video and audio signal received through the antenna cable into images that can be displayed on the PC monitor.
    • The cable box performs two different services: It decodes the digital cable signal into a format your TV can display.
    • It functions in the same way as normal television reception, except that viewers need an extra box attached to their TV aerial to decode the digital signals.
    • A receiver receives a signal based on the output and decodes the signal.
    • How does your television decode the signals to produce the picture?
    • If you elect for the software option which most people do, then, as previously said, it takes a lot of processing power to decode DVD Video.
    • C-Cube Microsystems has developed a single chip that can encode and decode multiple streams of digital TV and will reduce the cost of recordable DVD players to less than $500.
    • Recording DVB is painless - instead of the program decoding the MPEG signal, it simply saves it to your HDD in the format you choose.
    • A digital receiver will then be able to decode the signal and amplify it with the higher quality amplifier.
    • The modem decodes the analog data signal and converts it to a digital signal.
    • The receiver then decodes the signal based on the differential voltage between these lines.
    • On the PS2, at least, you'll need to make sure that your TV can decode other signals, as well.
    • The DSP, on the other hand, takes the analog signal, decodes it, and allows for digital manipulation of audio signal down to the 1s and 0s of computer language to adjust to the sound field.
    • The setup also requires installation of a US $6,500 7E receiving device at news headquarters that decodes the signal for broadcast.
    • Together with a new set-top box developed by Siemens that can decode the H.264 standard, the digital information can be reassembled into a smoothly moving picture on the TV set.
    • We also add a second micro-controller computer chip inside the case to decode the TTK signals from the receiver and activate the Game Boy SP buttons.
    • It enables operators to convert new and existing 2D programs to 3D that can be decoded in advanced set-tops and played back in either 2D or 3D, depending on viewer demands.
    • The descramblers are devices that can decode dozens of digital channels transmitted to subscribers' houses.