Translation of decontrol in Spanish:


desregularizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌdikənˈtroʊl/ /ˌdiːk(ə)nˈtrəʊl/

transitive verb decontrolling, decontrolled, decontrolled

  • 1

    (prices) desregularizar
    (prices) liberalizar
    • In 1984 the new government decontrolled the foreign exchange markets.
    • Innovative policies will come out only when prices are fully decontrolled.
    • In 1978 Carter secured legislation that fostered conservation and decontrolled the price of some domestic natural gas.
    • The current government has decontrolled prices, reduced subsidies to factories, and abolished central economic planning.
    • Countries accepting US aid had to sign bilateral pacts agreeing to decontrol prices, stabilize their exchange rates, and balance their budgets.