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decoración, n.

Pronunciación /ˌdɛkəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/ /dɛkəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/

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    • 1.1(act, process)

      decoración femenino
      • However, the construction and decoration process has been delayed, and a new opening date has not yet been disclosed.
      • Too often, at this stage of the project, it's easy to become tired and to end up rushing through the interior design and decoration process.
      • Since it was introduced it has gradually overtaken other forms of decoration so that now it forms the main decorative process in most large glass factories.
      • Martine Camillieri, who co-directs the gallery, is also very talented with crafts and decoration.
      • The 175 studio ceramic pieces illustrate the various methods of decoration and form that potters use to give shape and meaning to their works.
      • Other methods of decoration include impressions made with the fingers, sticks, and other tools.

    • 1.2(ornamentation)

      decoración femenino
      for decoration de adorno
      • the soap isn't there for decoration, you know! el jabón no está allí de adorno ¿eh?
      • However, these vast Roman vistas are processed through the Rococo penchant for grandiose ornamentation and are window dressing, pure decoration.
      • Standard Royal Worcester with floral decoration and Victorian dinner services are struggling to find buyers.
      • The reverse of the vessel bears brushed cobalt blue floral decoration at the shoulder and a continuation of the flowers that appear on the front.
      • The frames of Swedish rococo looking glasses followed the fashions of the day, with the crown and base often ornamented with rich rocaille decoration.
      • The manuscript is also rich in ornamental decoration, to which those of the other exemplars are stylistically related.
      • Each spoon in the set has different applied ornament and etched decoration on a hammered ground.
      • Pope John Paul's coffin of blonde cypress wood had no decoration other than a slender cross and the letter M for Mary on the top.
      • He made the Memorial timeless, in a way, by giving it immaculate perfection with no embellishment or decoration.
      • In Spain there, they were very famous for not using stone or brick, they would do everything in wood with adornment and decoration.
      • The timber framed doorcases have unusual strapwork decoration and pretty teardrop style fanlights above.
      • I did not bother to look at the beautiful details and decoration, I was so angry and on the verge of tears.
      • Economically priced, they make up in lack of detail and decoration with their quirkiness.
      • All contain decoration, embellishments, fringing, or cut-out design-work of the paper.
      • The only decoration is a picture window that frames the bordering pastures.
      • The leonine head has a grimacing, tooth-filled mouth from which issue stems with pellet decoration ending in foliage scrolls.
      • Punches and coggles were used to apply bands of decoration such as circles, stars, floral emblems, and other motifs.
      • All have applied ornament as well as etched or engraved decoration on a spot-hammered ground.
      • Gilding may also be ornamented by various types of relief decoration.
      • Every piece of furniture was made of old wood, free from decoration of any sort.
      • The only decoration was on the grip of wood, deeply and skilfully carved.

    • 1.3(ornament)

      adorno masculino
      • Every bedroom has its own Christmas tree and festoons of decorations.
      • Fill large goldfish-type bowls with shiny glass globes and ornaments to create simple decorations.
      • The community centre looked its best for the party with its Christmas tree and Christmas decorations.
      • At the back is a magnificent selection of Christmas trees and decorations.
      • I sat up all night, then I took down all the Christmas cards and the decorations of the Christmas tree.
      • We would like to thank the children for making the decorations for the tree themselves.
      • We'll go and get a couple of new ones later in the week, along with some hangers so we can put the rest of the decorations on the tree.
      • I've collected my tree decorations over many years and each holds a treasured memory.
      • Dad travelled lots with his work, promising to bring back a tree decoration from every country he had visited.
      • Although tinsel is very pretty and is a common decoration on trees, your pet may swallow it.
      • At the window of her neat Balby home twinkles a Christmas tree while other festive decorations adorn the living room.
      • Special shops have come up to sell tree lights, decorations and optic wreaths in the city.
      • The students will also dress in fancy dress as well as dressing up the animals using Christmas decorations such as tinsel and lights.
      • One of their noticeable features is the profusion of hollowed-out window decorations.
      • Already I have spotted the first Hallowe'en decorations in store windows.
      • At the moment, shops have decorations in every window, and the neighbours are planning a cookout.
      • Surely it would not take much to put a few lights along the shops or decorations in the windows to create an ambience?
      • Today, the roundabouts are festooned with decorations and blue and yellow lights.
      • The church is now getting decorations in place, with the tree decorated in blue and silver this year.
      • This year she will be making floral arrangements, which will serve as place settings and decorations.

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    condecoración femenino
    • The veterans were awarded an Active Service Medal, a decoration pinned to the chest of servicemen involved in conflict.
    • He is the recipient of numerous U.S. military awards and decorations, including the Purple Heart.
    • Numerous decorations were awarded to members of the Eagle squadrons.
    • Wounded fourteen times, he was awarded the highest imperial decorations.
    • These are decorations awarded by the monarch only to female members of the Royal Family.
    • Hideo succeeded and was awarded the decoration and an annuity for carrying out his duty so well.
    • President Chen Shui-bian was awarded a decoration by President Miguel Rodriguez in the Costa Rican National Theater yesterday.
    • Brown, the youngest person to be awarded the decoration, died in 1945 saving his brothers and sisters from a house fire.
    • Former Scouts, invited to join in, were asked to wear any Great War medals and decorations they might have.
    • He was awarded the decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service.
    • This appeared to have ended in victory last month when the government announced a special decoration would finally be awarded.
    • John Bradley won the decoration for heroism on Iwo Jima, just two days before the flag raising.
    • The medal is the highest decoration the British military gives.
    • The significant decorations are the Star, a garter to be worn below the left knee, and a diagonal blue ribbon.
    • That pin is a Dutch decoration called an Orange-Nassau - Officer of Orange-Nassau awarded to me by Queen Juliana.
    • My captain vowed to win the Victoria Cross, our highest decoration for bravery, and drove the ship's company to help him.
    • He was awarded the Reserve decoration in 1983, and achieved a bar to this award in 1993.