Translation of decorum in Spanish:


decoro, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈkɔrəm/ /dɪˈkɔːrəm/

Definition of decoro in Spanish


  • 1

    decoro masculine
    to behave with decorum comportarse con decoro
    • Of course, if you conduct yourself with impeccable taste and decorum, you will soon bore the reporters, and they will stop covering you.
    • ‘They are patterns of behaviour or patterns of decorum that we all have,’ says MacArthur.
    • There was a certain lack of decorum and taste at the Daily Record last week.
    • She also makes it clear why it was doomed, defying as it does every respectable idea about godly behaviour, sexual decorum, female carnality and nature itself.
    • I must say that the chairman handled the job with decorum and taste, and with the dignity required of him.
    • By performing the personal in public, talk-show guests transgress the boundaries of behavior and decorum deemed appropriate by middle-class society.
    • But it was the women of the congregation who largely drew up the rules of propriety, decorum and morality, and exercised control or influence over the behaviour of their children.
    • Although she is clothed modestly and moves with decorum, her song is about her happy anticipation of her wedding night.
    • Asked to comment on his prospects for a first full cap, Hughes is coy - it clearly goes against his inherent sense of modesty and decorum.
    • Lowe takes up issues of deportment: the students at both Spelman and Cornell carefully controlled their body movements to display modesty and decorum.
    • Parents gave their children privacy to court alone, often removing themselves from the parlor, trusting that decorum would prevent improper behavior.
    • All Hindu women, respecting customs of decorum and demureness, refrain from drinking alcohol in public.
    • But faith in the classical virtues of decorum and modesty remained with him until his death.
    • She added: ‘When he stood up to questions in court he held himself with dignity and decorum.’
    • Our waitress, who came running after the hotel's front desk clerk saw us wandering around the dining room, was kind enough to observe the proper decorum for two people in our situation.