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descifrar, v.

Pronunciación /diˈkrɪpt/ /diːˈkrɪpt/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (make intelligible)
    (message) descifrar
    (message) descodificar
    • The Crown supplemented this with an excellent system of opening the mails (and diplomatic pouches, when available) and decrypting messages written in code.
    • A Tactical Data Encryption System TDES is a device for storing, encrypting and decrypting messages.
    • I had a top-secret clearance and would have been part of the team of codebreakers decrypting the message that authorized the use of the ship's nuclear weapons.
    • By 1944, over 4,000 German messages were being decrypted daily at Bletchley Park.
    • The Aegis system allows a user to encrypt or decrypt a message by just hitting a button and entering a password, and the company says the password part of the process may be phased out soon.
    • It should be easy to encrypt and decrypt messages with the key (which must be kept secret) but difficult to do so without it.
    • Several seconds passed before the communication was decrypted and became intelligible.
    • Everybody will know the information has come from you because only your public key can decrypt a message that has been encrypted using your private key.
    • During 1942, the US Military Attaché in Cairo, through transmissions decrypted by Italian intelligence, gave him invaluable operational intelligence.
    • Many historians think that a secret Soviet message sent in 1945 (later decrypted by the Venona project) identifies Hiss by a code name.
    • With public key encryption, each person has two keys - a public one that can be disseminated freely which is used to encode messages that can subsequently only be decrypted by the private key.
    • Second, when they cannot decrypt the alien code, he gives her the key to the mystery.
    • Unlike DVD movies, which are encrypted on the disk and decrypted every time they're played, digital broadcast television has to be unencrypted.
    • Failure to comply with a decryption notice will be a criminal office, unless the individual concerned can prove he or she did not have the ability to decrypt the message for any reason, such as losing the password.
    • Another thing that will come along - probably after more than a decade or two - is quantum cryptanalysis, where you would use a quantum computer to decrypt existing codes.
    • But once you have the right key, it takes less than a fraction of a second to prove that the key is the correct key: All you do is decrypt the message.
    • This key would allow the government to decrypt messages as needed, purportedly after seeking and obtaining a warrant.
    • Since the eavesdropper doesn't know the starting point, he can't decrypt the message.
    • Otherwise, he can merely decrypt the message without any additional steps or effort.
    • An encryption algorithm is a mathematical equation containing the message being encrypted or decrypted.
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    (cryptogram) descifrar