Traducción de dedicated en español:


de gran dedicación, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdɛdəˌkeɪdəd/ /ˈdɛdɪkeɪtɪd/

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    (musician/nurse/teacher) de gran dedicación
    (musician/nurse/teacher) dedicado a su trabajo
    (musician/nurse/teacher) entregado a su trabajo
    to be dedicated to sth estar dedicado / entregado a algo
    she's a dedicated mother es una madre entregada a sus hijos
    • A great Christian, she was dedicated to her God and her church and gave many hours of dedicated service to the Cathedral in Ballina.
    • Tributes were paid to Willie Healy who stepped down as treasurer after many years of devoted and dedicated service.
    • Many important decisions were approved and the Chairman thanked the committee for their dedicated voluntary service for the good of the parish.
    • Mary Teresa Brennan is our manager here and our staff are going from strength to strength giving a dedicated and committed service.
    • He was an employee of Aer Lingus where he had put in over 25 years of committed and dedicated service.
    • My husband was a dedicated journalist, and devoted father.
    • He was a devoted husband, dedicated drinking partner and a superb friend who supported me through tragedy when other ‘friends’ faded away.
    • A dedicated teacher and devoted mother has died in a head-on smash just days before her 51st birthday.
    • He was very much a family man - a devoted husband and a dedicated dad and granddad.
    • Chairperson John Threadgold paid tributes to the former teachers thanking them for the dedicated service they gave to the pupils and the loyal commitment shown to the school.
    • Billy retired from the chair at the hall committees recent AGM and the new committee felt that his years of dedicated service should be recognised.
    • Training for the Olympics is a discipline that only the dedicated and staunchly committed can do.
    • He leaves a trail of devoted and dedicated dancers, teachers, choreographers, and directors.
    • Just like any collective task, planning requires dedicated and high-quality training.
    • It's not an easy task but the truly dedicated Coaches accept it as responsibility.
    • ‘He has given a lifetime of dedicated service and he is respected by his peers and the young people involved in the theatre in the city,’ added Senator Cummins.
    • Now, almost five decades on, Down District's longest serving Councillor has lived up to his early promise, and is marking 30 years of dedicated service to his community.
    • He praised the staff for their dedicated and professional service, and presented the White Flag for Leisure Facilities to Aidan Higgins, Manager of the Waterpoint Centre.
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    (word processor/terminal/hardware) dedicado
    • This allows problems on a network to be diagnosed and reported in a variety of ways, be it by e-mail, web page or dedicated terminal.
    • With a desktop pc, you can buy a dedicated graphics card just to serve a graphics intensive application.
    • Second Harvest created a dedicated Web page for the newsletter readers with links to further information on the topics that were covered in the newsletter.
    • The review also explains the different ways of sharing the Internet and why a dedicated piece of hardware will perform better and more reliably than software solutions.
    • Photographers who purchase the cards also will have access to a dedicated toll-free number for technical support questions.
    • So forget trying to sell them, say, customized database software requiring a dedicated server and a professional to manage it.
    • Internet access charges for dedicated circuits quickly began to fall.
    • With this approach, the need for separate dedicated hardware/software products no longer exists.
    • The relay units will send information on the number of open spots to a centralized computer in San Jose via dedicated fast lines.
    • What this product targets is people who use both a CD burner and dedicated DVD drive.
    • Hercules, the graphics board specialist, has opened a dedicated Web site for system builders.
    • Hey cyclists, if you want to see dedicated bike lanes cross the entirety of downtown, give Pete Ladner an email to let him know you support his idea.
    • If you have a dedicated Internet connection or if you want to protect your small business from hackers, I think this book will help you.
    • Mr Brennan said this effect could be multiplied with the swift introduction of more dedicated lanes.
    • There is also be a dedicated website giving advice on how to reduce salt consumption.
    • The second change is that the technical stuff will be communicated in specially dedicated articles.
    • I wonder why Jenny Holzer doesn't have a dedicated website?