Traducción de deem en español:


considerar, v.

Pronunciación /dim/ /diːm/

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verbo transitivo

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    to deem sb/sth (to be) sth
    • At the same time, reports have emerged that the provincial government is making preparations to have the strike declared illegal by deeming it a public emergency.
    • Food was given between two and three stars with judges deeming the service to be slow at times.
    • In the event that scores are deemed to be level, a fourth round is contested to find an overall winner.
    • How many times have we seen one referee deem a foul or strike as yellow, and the next red?
    • The organizers of a first-ever Community Wellness Weekend forum at the Steinbach arenas are deeming it a success.
    • It was deemed such a success that the girls are now due to perform the play at the Albany Theatre at the end of April.
    • At first the boy was deemed to be too large to be considered for the operation.
    • If it is deemed a success other secondary schools in the district could follow suit.
    • How are we supposed to feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement when our superiors deem these successes worthless?
    • This would be considered unacceptable in any other fruit, but is deemed normal in prunes.
    • As the series was deemed a runaway success, it was immediately commissioned again.
    • With his retirement due next month, Mr. Devaraj deems it a privilege to have been chosen for the special assignment.
    • The small NGO has fielded thousands of phone calls and taken 22 of the cases it deems most worthy to the courts.
    • The independent auditor will have to be replaced every five years unless the committee deems it not in the company's interests.
    • An occupational licence is one that deems a property habitable.
    • The notice states that the County Council deems the building to be unsafe.
    • Remember, you're only as good as your last customer deems you to be.
    • If the Doctor or Employer deems the illness to be minor then the Employee will be expected to work that day.
    • A woman will receive what a court deems her rightful share, not necessarily half.
    • The appeal could cost the landlords $3,000 a year, and recently the unhappy owners sent Martin a note also deeming her work inadequate.