Traducción de deep-dish en español:


de base profunda, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdipdɪʃ/

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  • 1EEUU

    (pie) de base profunda
    (pizza) de base gruesa
    • Peach cobbler looks more promising than it is, with a thin top crust like a deep-dish pie; unfortunately, that crust is tough.
    • The food basket was stuffed with savory meat pies, potato salad and a wonderful deep-dish apple pie for dessert.
    • As for the desserts, yay for the deep-dish apple pie, the cappuccino-chocolate pudding, and milk shakes that are almost at corner-malt-shoppe-level thickness.
    • Whether you serve a fruity deep-dish cobbler draped with a homemade pastry crust or a lush pumpkin cheesecake, keep the servings small.
    • The 36-restaurant chain that serves up deep-dish pizzas, also capitalizes on the interest in on-location brewing with 10 microbrewery locations.
    • Walking through Giordano's restaurant a few blocks from the hotel - as an eager prospective resident of Chicago, his lunch request for deep-dish pizza was predictable.
    • A roll of carnival-style tickets will get you anything from classic Chicago-style deep-dish pizza to an overflowing plate of Cuban caldo gallego.
    • In fact, I stopped, and picked up three different kinds of deep-dish pizza that could often be found there.
    • Jeph and Amara sat underneath the stars eating deep-dish pizza from Chicago's world famous Geneo's.
    • As someone whose idea of fine dining is deep-dish pizza, I am perhaps not the ideal Food Network viewer.
    • For supper, they wanted to try some of the famous Chicago deep-dish pizza.
    • The signature dessert, one of the original menu items along with the Chicago Seven deep-dish pizza, is a large cookie baked in a pizza pan and served piping hot.
    • ‘I think I had enough of it growing up and seeing the struggles my dad went through,’ he says, digging into a slice of deep-dish mushroom pizza.
    • The other night, Rick comes home with two extra-large deep-dish meat-lover's pizzas with extra cheese.
    • Later, the Leader celebrated her victory with Vikki and a huge deep-dish pepperoni pizza.
    • I was brought one of my favorites of the fast food-junk food market: deep-dish pepperoni and sausage extra cheese pizza with garlic breadsticks and garlic sauce for dipping.
    • To Sharon and anyone else who can get to East Boston, you must visit Santarpio's, some of the most amazing pizza ever-a whole different species compared to Chicago deep-dish.
  • 2EEUU coloquial

    • 2.1(extreme, excessive)

      • There are the same subtly contoured greens, guarded by the same generic, deep-dish bunkers that have become de rigueur for a major-championship course.
      • Engh provides his full package here - partially hidden greens, rhythmic mounds, deep-dish bunkers and some great risk-and-reward shots.
      • Criterion serves up two more deep-dish DVDs from yesteryear
      • In 1999, the network created Action, a deep-dish, critically acclaimed satire of Hollywood.

    • 2.2(thorough)

      (knowledge/opinion) bien fundamentado