Translation of deep-fry in Spanish:


freír, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdip ˈˌfraɪ/ /ˌdiːpˈfrʌɪ/

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transitive verb deep-fries, deep-frying, deep-fried

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    (en abundante aceite) freír
    • When cooking deep-fried food, dry it before you put it in the hot oil.
    • Fritters are generally eaten immediately after cooking, as, like all deep-fried foods, they taste best hot and fresh.
    • Melons should not be eaten with heavy foods like cheese, deep-fried foods or the heavier grains.
    • There are even a few culinary tips - like how to cook deep-fried pasta.
    • I'll tell you what, one of these days I'm going to cook up some deep-fried steak in the clubhouse.
    • Eating at fast-food restaurants, deep-frying foods, and adding spreads such as butter and margarine were common among approximately 30-45% of participants.
    • This dish is deep-fried crispy rice parcels stuffed with chicken and bamboo shoots and served with sweet chilli sauce.
    • It was a delight of crispy, crunchy deep-fried sweet potato, veggies and huge shrimp.
    • It has issued new standards for cooking oil used to cook deep-fry food in an effort to prevent the use of old and contaminated oil.
    • Draped around foods before they're deep-fried, it keeps them from losing moisture and flavor.
    • They can be deep-fried, and a chef will do that for you at the show cooking corner.
    • Originally, the recipe said to shallow or deep-fry the dumplings.
    • The town is also famous for its kripik tempeh, a crispy cracker made by deep-frying thin slices of fresh tempeh in a batter of secret ingredients
    • The meat can also be deep-fried to cook it and remove most of the moisture
    • The katsudon is a deep-fried and breaded pork cutlet served with a sauce that has a dark, rich flavour somewhat like a tangier steak sauce.
    • They must have deep-fried it, and then warmed in up again on a grill, because one side had an extra browning on one side.
    • For my main course, I had the deep-fried lemon sole, again lightly breaded, and served with a tartare sauce.
    • The tiny purple berries are used to make sparkling jams and the blossoms are deep-fried into fritters.
    • Mom, who usually gets battered and deep-fried prawns when she eats Chinese, said these were the best she's had.
    • I especially liked the cod, which tasted fresh despite being deep-fried.