Traducción de deep-rooted en español:


profundamente arraigado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdip ˈrudəd/ /ˌdiːpˈruːtɪd/


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    (prejudice/belief) profundamente arraigado
    • But the fall-off in ground attendance is also the result of deep-rooted changes in culture and customs which have influenced sport as a commodity.
    • Here is the offering of a modern nation, vibrant, on the go, on one side, and which has a deep-rooted history, culture and ecology on the other.
    • They are fighting a culture that is deep-rooted and obstinate.
    • After all, changing ideas deep-rooted in tradition and culture is quite a long process.
    • As an Indian, I am proud to be part of a culture, which has deep-rooted family values.
    • This ruling view is now so deep-rooted in our culture that few bother to question its effects.
    • This assumption is so deep-rooted in our culture that it is barely questioned.
    • The Oni character is a deep-rooted aspect of Japanese culture.
    • Then there is the deep-rooted fear of idleness.
    • These are primal and deep-rooted fears and will not go away.
    • There remains a deep-rooted fears of ‘big’ government in various quarters.
    • Was it deep-rooted compassion or simply fear that inspired such charity?
    • He lives in the real world and has a genuine, deep-rooted concern for all.
    • It may have been that this breakdown was an unbearable coming together of many deep-rooted, complex fears and anxieties.
    • In some quarters, the prospect of consolidated communities provokes a deep-rooted fear of losing local control and community identity.
    • The crew walked out amid lots of cheers and, frankly, some deep-rooted fears.
    • It is difficult to override a deep-rooted cultural bias.
    • Campaigners say there are deep-rooted cultural problems within the army that must be exposed and tackled.
    • She understands how deep-rooted religious, social and cultural practices influence the reception of technology in homes.
    • He had begun pacing the cave, a nervous habit of his, stopping at the end of his speech to stare at Marcy with deep-rooted concern.