Traducción de deep space en español:

deep space

espacio interplanetario, n.


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    espacio interplanetario masculino
    • In deep space beyond the asteroid belt, solar power arrays do not work.
    • NASA hope to conduct the first flight demonstration in 2005 with a view to launching a deep space mission in the next decade.
    • So when, one drunken night, Alan suggested they sign up for the projected deep space mission Santa Maria, he agreed.
    • Such orbits, however, are not optimum as staging points for higher geosynchronous orbit or deep space.
    • For the first time, astronomers tracked the life cycle of X-ray jets from a deep space black hole.
    • And so we end up being able to trace organic material from deep space to the outer solar system through comets.
    • She then showed a slide of a Bushnell deep space telescope and told Cooper that one just like it awaited him at home.
    • Muons are formed when cosmic rays from deep space interact with the atmosphere.
    • Scientists suggest that there is this cloud out in deep space called the Oort Cloud.
    • And the Moon could be used as ‘a deep space research outpost, a base for monitoring asteroid threats’.
    • To reach Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko, the spacecraft needs to go out into deep space as far out from the Sun as Jupiter.
    • Space-based observatories are telescopes located beyond Earth, either in orbit around the planet or in deep space.
    • In deep space, hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe!
    • The futuristic background music, often dark and brooding, complements the deep space atmosphere very well.
    • Unfortunately, there will be no reporters to witness our greatest deep space exploration yet, but that's beside the point.
    • His main task is to get the delayed launch of a deep space probe back on track.
    • Furthermore, because such comets have been confined to deep space, they are huge - perhaps 100 kilometres or more across.
    • Since their brightness is a constant, such supernovas can serve as reliable indicators of distance in deep space.
    • Astronauts in deep space could be exposed to radiation from sources that were previously considered to be safe locations.
    • The radiation bombardment in deep space, farther away from the protection of Earth, likely will be much more intense.