Translation of deeply in Spanish:


profundamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈdipli/ /ˈdiːpli/

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  • 1

    (sigh) profundamente
    to breathe deeply respirar hondo
    • he cut deeply into the wood hizo un corte profundo en la madera
    • He had been nervous at the start, rocking on his heels and breathing deeply before going on.
    • It is startling to realise how deeply the monarchy is embedded in the nation.
    • He breathes in deeply, then starts sobbing and leaves the room to be comforted by his wife and lawyer.
    • I basked for a while in the warmth, breathing deeply as my stresses drifted away.
    • The traditions of folk, it would appear, are deeply embedded in the Rusby family tree.
    • Kara breathed in deeply, trying to clear the fog that had settled over her mind.
    • As the cool night air hit me, I slowed down, breathing in deeply to catch my breath.
    • He breathed the air in deeply and felt somewhat better as his sweat froze to his body.
    • Put a few drops of neat tea tree oil in a bowl of hot water, stick a towel over your head and breathe deeply for a few minutes.
    • She moved her hands from her face but kept her eyes closed and breathed deeply.
    • Keep on breathing deeply, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.
    • This means that the animal cannot run fast and breathe deeply at the same time.
    • He did not answer, he closed his eyes and breathed out deeply, ignoring my question.
    • There was a warm breeze that stirred Elizabeth's hair and she breathed it in deeply.
    • As you breathe in deeply, the salty scent of the sea mingles with fragrant hedgerows.
    • It is obviously so deeply embedded in his memory that he has no need to go to nature for inspiration.
    • He paced the floor, looking down on her as she knelt at his feet and breathed slowly and deeply.
    • She breathed them in deeply and it took her back to times when nothing could trouble her.
    • Cameron was breathing deeply and he sat down on the porch step in an effort to calm down.
    • They are mainly surface-rooting and will be unhappy if you plant them too deeply.
  • 2

    (think/consider) a fondo
    (grateful/concerned) profundamente
    (interested) sumamente
    I am deeply indebted to her le debo muchísimo
    • I was deeply offended by his remarks me sentí muy ofendida por sus comentarios
    • This has hurt me deeply, and I will do my best to be more thoughtful and articulate in the future.
    • It is only now he can reflect light-heartedly on an experience that hurt him deeply.
    • Kaerin grimaced at the sight of her like that, obviously what he had said had hurt her deeply.
    • When it was reported back to him what his son had done, he was deeply hurt.
    • We feel the pain and the loss very deeply since we are empathetically connected to you.
    • Most of their extreme ideas were deeply unpopular with the resistance, he said.
    • Instead, we are deeply concerned at the terrible tragedy of so many biker deaths.
    • You try to act like you don't care to mask how deeply you feel violated and hurt.
    • The film depicts an act of extreme cruelty and barbarity and is deeply disturbing.
    • He said the incident was deeply alarming and warned that it could have been more serious.
    • They had a profound effect on the young Pascal and he became deeply religious.
    • Presumably, the song is at some level autobiographical, and as such is deeply moving.
    • That said, this is an enjoyable and deeply moving effort to link literature, life and love.
    • It moved me very deeply, stirred something within me, and that made me want to write.
    • But they care deeply, and they know that the very soul of the party is being fought over.
    • Victorian fathers cared deeply for their children and so did the ancient Greeks.
    • He had a great personality, was part of the family, and we will miss him deeply.
    • I'm deeply grateful that my usual routine is still there, waiting for me to return.
    • Niffenegger writes a disjointed love story that is deeply moving and quite believable.