Translation of deferment in Spanish:


aplazamiento, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈfərmənt/ /dɪˈfəːm(ə)nt/

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  • 1 formal

    (of decision, journey, payment)
    aplazamiento masculine
    • Malmesbury maternity unit campaigners will continue to fight to save the unit following the deferment of a decision on its future.
    • A quarter of committee members, led by Councillor Moira Lewis, called for further deferment of the plans.
    • The maximum amount of deferment you can receive for unemployment or economic hardship is 3 years, and that's for the life of the loan.
    • In the third paragaph he referred to the Paris Club and the deferment of repayments until 1999.
    • Then they tell me that they can only back date a deferment four months, so I'm lumped with a debt of over £ 2,000.
    • When UAL announced its deferment of the $72 million payment to its pension fund, it said it did so in order to "preserve its options."
    • Eligibility for deferment is based solely on the repayer's income.
    • An IOC spokesman said last night the deferment was made in the interest of "fairness" to the athletes.
    • The members have called for the deferment of the increases to allow tenants come to terms with the new rents.
    • This deferment has prolonged the time spent on considering the future of the two units.
    • For the sake of efficiency and fairness, various tax deferments will be further reduced.
    • Congress has condemned such actions, but has, through delay and deferment, resisted sending legislation to the President for possible veto.
    • Every once in a while they'd know I was having a problem because I punched myself in the leg because I learned about pain deferment.
    • Further, Mr Hamilton was not able to give to the Tribunal details of any transaction or settlement on the Portman Estate where a deferment rate of 4.75% was achieved.
    • The release is very clear to mention that existing products that use these products will not be affected by this deferment.
    • Where the Labour Party has fallen down is over car parking and traffic management by refusing to make a decision and people are fed up of deferment.
    • Furthermore, as the terms of the Paris Protocol provide for an interest for the deferment, you have to provide for the payment of the interest.
    • Subsequent deferments would follow the same structure.
    • In a stagnant job market this is a significant pressure for recent graduates, and many factor insufficient wages and prolonged deferment into the decision to return to school.
    • That inserted step had no business purpose apart from the deferment of tax, although it had a business effect.
  • 2US

    prórroga feminine
    • As I said, my brother was in the army and I had no father, which meant I had a deferment because I was the support of my mother.
    • But Williams got deferments when first drafted.
    • This was not an uncommon scene in 1970, when medical deferments were a frequently used avenue for those reluctant to take part in the unpopular war in Vietnam.
    • The back condition that apparently led to Dr. Dean's deferment had been discovered years before his armed services physical.
    • Cheney received a couple of deferments to avoid service, first because he was a student, then because he was married.