Translation of deferral in Spanish:


aplazamiento, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈfərəl/ /dɪˈfəːr(ə)l/

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    aplazamiento masculine
    • At minimum, you should consider making salary deferrals up to the maximum amount your employer will match.
    • Customer deferrals of capital expenditure are creating one of the worst technology investment climates seen in 10 years.
    • Your salary deferral election, including the amount you plan to defer, must be made by the last day of your tax year.
    • For nationalists and republicans, the further deferral of progress and reform is not an option.
    • An attempt by Fearnley to have the appointments deferred again after previous deferrals was voted down six to one.
    • Paston's mother negotiates a deferral of the debt payment.
    • Perhaps the Leeds board felt they would win public support by asking the players to share the burden by taking a pay deferral.
    • He said the deferrals would help keep the Budget in the black.
    • Once these questions have been adequately answered, the deferral can be granted.
    • The bank examines each loan on a case-by-case basis and can offer deferrals on loan capital and interest repayments for up to three years.