Translation of defiantly in Spanish:


con actitud desafiante, adv.

Pronunciation /dəˈfaɪəntli/ /dɪˈfʌɪəntli/


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    con actitud desafiante
    • The country responded defiantly to US sanctions over anti-gay legislation.
    • The revolutionaries marched defiantly towards the heart of the city.
    • Few Americans know that nearly two hundred years ago their flag flew proudly and defiantly over part of the town of Hastings in England.
    • He would not stop his comments and chose to openly and defiantly declare that nobody will silence him.
    • She defiantly vowed to fight on until August's party convention.
    • He defiantly asserted that weapons provided beauty to man.
    • But regional assembly backers reacted defiantly to the millionaire's plans.
    • Suddenly, Blake found himself surrounded by a bunch of buffalo hunters defiantly waving their Winchester rifles.
    • But the country's president defiantly insists the nuclear program is going ahead full steam.
    • He has defiantly defended his record at the company, which generates more than a fifth of the UK's electricity.