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deficiencia, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈfɪʃənsi/ /dɪˈfɪʃ(ə)nsi/

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nombreplural deficiencies

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    • 1.1Medicina

      deficiencia femenino
      • For if you love someone greatly, your love will be great enough to tolerate his or her shortcomings or deficiencies.
      • Another remarkable feature Hu noticed in his early days in the city was the serious deficiency of work efficiency.
      • And the plant did not consistently produce potable water because of system failures and operational deficiencies.
      • Historically, teams were willing to carry accurate kickers with weaker legs because their deficiencies weren't as glaring.
      • It is often our emotional weaknesses and deficiencies that cause our portfolios to fail, and not - as many like to think - because the market isn't rising.
      • It is customary in this House to have a bill, after each election and before the next, to tidy up any areas in which there are deficiencies or imperfections.
      • The purchaser provided a lengthy list of defects and deficiencies to the vendor on October 23, 1996.
      • What they call deficiencies and faults of the management of administrative agencies are necessary properties.
      • Most of the deficiencies involved failure to clean fingernails and to scrub for the required amount of time.
      • Empire expected that the defects and deficiencies would be rectified.
      • The print used was in remarkable shape as there are very few noticeable flaws or deficiencies.
      • Failure to address its leadership deficiencies could result in the party being out of office for as long as it was from 1846 to 1866.
      • It is hard to fault the players, whatever their individual deficiencies.
      • The unit showed significant improvement over 1998 but deficiencies remain.
      • Remaining deficiencies are entirely the writer's own.
      • The findings confirm that although the system does identify most breaches, deficiencies remain that need to be addressed.
      • Although examples of good practice do exist in some areas, 10 serious deficiencies remain.
      • They described their role as similar to that of the media, in that they report deficiencies but have no real authority to manage the city.
      • An important deficiency of the act, however, was its failure to implement a standardised, routine data set for monitoring care plans.
      • If we later find that a defaulted loan has an underwriting deficiency, we may ask the lender to repurchase the loan.

    • 1.2(shortage)

      escasez femenino
      déficit masculino
      • Sunscreen prevented sunlight from generating vitamin D in the skin, risking serious deficiencies in the long run.
      • Other risk factors include deficiencies in vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and folic acid.
      • Like scurvy or pernicious anaemia, he puts it down to nutritional deficiencies in the modern diet: the lack of the essential vitamin B17.
      • In many of the lesser developed countries of Central America, deficiencies in vitamins and minerals are a problem.
      • The liver can store up to six years worth of vitamin B 12, hence deficiencies in this vitamin are rare.
      • Soy foods cause deficiencies in calcium and Vitamin D, which are essential for strong bones.
      • Boron deficiency is the most widespread of all the micronutrient deficiencies in many crop regions from tropical to temperate zones.
      • The new rules will mean replacing synthetic amino acids used to offset deficiencies in the hen's vegetarian diet with a natural alternative.
      • Scientists believe the normally docile beasts are eating the baby birds to make up for deficiencies in their diet on Rum, or even using them as a form of medicine.
      • It is being run against the background of growing incidences of crop problems and, in some cases, crop failures due to deficiencies of lime and trace elements.
      • Yang deficiency unsuccessfully controls water, so there is profuse and clear urine.
      • Folic acid is especially important for women of childbearing age, as deficiencies of this nutrient have been linked with birth defects.
      • As the deficiency worsens children become pale and weak, eat less, and tire easily.
      • Failure to meet this increased demand can result in a deficiency.
      • This condition was caused by taking insulin and failing to eat which gave rise to a deficiency of blood sugar causing the appellant to be unaware of what he was doing.

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    deficiencia femenino