Translation of definitely in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛf(ə)nətli/ /ˈdɛfɪnətli/

See Spanish definition of terminantemente


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    (without doubt)
    it's definitely true/an improvement no hay duda de que es cierto/una mejora
    • I'd definitely support the party if asked si me lo pidieran, no dudaría en dar mi apoyo al partido
    • he definitely said we should meet here seguro que dijo que nos encontráramos aquí
    • she's definitely smarter than he is es decididamente más inteligente que él
    • is she coming? — definitely ¿viene? — sí, seguro / segurísimo
  • 2

    (arrange/agree) definitivamente
    let's decide definitely on a day vamos a fijar / decidir un día en forma definitiva
    • He has no plans to move at the moment, but there is no doubt that both he and Ian are definitely in the wrong area.
    • Something was definitely wrong here and he was pretty sure he was going to hate it more than he was going to like it.
    • I knew that some of the correspondents were definitely heading to the wrong islands.
    • Johnny could tell by the sound of her voice that something was definitely wrong.
    • Celinda was quiet for a moment and Rain knew that there was definitely something wrong.
    • Yes, definitely, we started the game with a good tempo and created a number of chances.
    • Ten of his team are definitely travelling but there are doubts about the other two.
    • I made sure that they were definitely gone before stepping out from my hiding place.
    • Yes, my use of the name Dave is definitely something to do with me wanting to be an ordinary bloke.
    • There will be definitely be some kind of retaliation but I'm not sure what it will be yet.
    • It was definitely something to laugh about afterwards but certainly not at the time.
    • I can also play at left back or in midfield but right back is definitely my preferred position.
    • After all, it was pretty obvious to anyone that something was most definitely up.
    • Mrs Patell says she definitely needs treatment, but she is not sure what to choose.
    • There are certainly a lot of good things about the series and definitely some laughs.
    • It may be an age thing, but they definitely felt it improved their productivity.
    • Had they not won all the seats they did, with the same voting numbers, he'd definitely be out.
    • This revelation is most definitely not spin, leaked as part of a Machiavellian plot.
    • She added that an increased police presence had definitely deterred gangs of youths.
    • I've been showing it to customers and some of them definitely identified it as a canary.
    • Some of us had instructions to wake up our parents and some of us had instructions definitely not to wake them.
    • So little is known of the original inhabitants that they cannot be definitely classified.
    • The flow of the stream is not sufficiently strong to wear out a channel having definitely well-marked sides.
    • The powerful need to categorize human beings as definitely either male or female may necessitate surgery and hormonal treatment of the unfortunate individual who fits neither.
    • In consequence, I expect you both tomorrow, in order to settle that matter definitely.
    • The judge ruled that, once a citizen has been definitely classified as an enemy combatant, he or she can be held without charges and without legal representation.
    • Externally, the new genus Trigonostrophia differs from Rectotrophia principally in its more definitely triangular outline.
    • The procedure is pretty barbaric and is not to be described here more definitely.
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    (speak/say) terminantemente
    (speak/say) categóricamente
    (act) con firmeza