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deforme, adj.

Pronunciación /dɪˈfɔrmd/ /dɪˈfɔːmd/

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  • 1

    (person/limb) deforme
    (mind) retorcido
    • The wives of US servicemen who were exposed to Agent Orange gave birth to a disproportionate number of deformed babies.
    • The most obvious answer is the risk of producing severely deformed children.
    • In a more advance stage, an atretic follicle is easily distinguished without examination of its internal structure by its deformed or shrunken appearance.
    • A study of crack formation in fatigue can be facilitated by interrupting the fatigue test to remove the deformed surface by electro polishing.
    • In addition, there is now more control regarding which areas of the desired face get deformed.
    • There has been an increase in deformed children being born.
    • There were far too many deformed sperm in the sample.
    • In addition to the principal units, deformed remnants of mafic dykes are abundant.
    • The doctor is shown removing a deformed infant from its sobbing parents care.
    • Containing 11 recent, life-size portrait statues of physically deformed individuals, the show had New York critics buzzing for weeks.
    • In the former Yugoslavia, a "deformed workers state" was created through somewhat different means.
    • It is not true that every cow has four stomachs - there are deformed specimens with three or five apiece.
    • What he does provide are gross out jokes, amateurish animation techniques, and hideous images of the human body and deformed flesh.
    • He lit the candle and stared at his poor deformed limb.
    • There are pictures of burned and deformed babies and articles explaining the injustices our country has been perpetrating.
    • Because of his deformed spine, he cannot sit down to rest.
    • Her novel tells of an infant born with wings and the chaos into which this "deformed" child throws a shocked society.
    • She'll use that deformed arm to play the piano passably well and to complete elaborate needlework projects.
    • These deformed prions clump together and produce holes in the brain, leading to increasing loss of neural function and eventually to death.
    • The condition can leave children with severe growth problems, missing or deformed limbs, seizures, heart and gastro-intestinal disorders as well as learning and behavioural difficulties.