Translation of defrock in Spanish:


Pronunciation /diˈfrɑk/ /diːˈfrɒk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    he was defrocked lo apartaron del sacerdocio
    • Because it is a state church, however, the Lutheran Church cannot defrock him.
    • Do they determine in some way or another that this priest can be reassigned and another priest should be defrocked?
    • The cardinals said on Wednesday they would recommend a process to defrock any priest who has become ‘notorious and is guilty of the serial, predatory sexual abuse of minors’.
    • Journalists rarely understand the full power of the press, but one authority we don't have is the power to defrock priests.
    • The Modernist clergyman who had led the revolt, found himself defrocked and excommunicated.
    • Don Vitaliano - Nothing But a Priest is a documentary about an anti-capitalist priest who has subsequently been defrocked.
    • As expected their new policy does determine that priests who offend from here on out will be defrocked.
    • If this story is true the priest who offered up this warped advice should be defrocked.
    • The bishop had been speaking about gun control at an anti-gun rally only a few days before the court hearing, and recommended that he be defrocked.
    • If he is ordained, he should be defrocked for violating confidentiality.
    • Because of Buddhism's central importance in national life, the state has long been reluctant to act against errant monks until they have been defrocked by the Buddhist hierarchy.
    • He has been suspended for six months while the matter is further investigated, and it appears almost a certainty that he will be defrocked.
    • He was also allegedly defrocked as a Russian Orthodox priest in his home country.
    • He was sentenced to a fine, whipping, defrocking, life imprisonment and pillorying four times a year for the rest of his life.
    • He was tried for heresy by the Free Church of Scotland and defrocked.
    • Now defrocked, he was free from government monastic regulations and duties, and yet he had not freely chosen the lay life for himself.