Translation of deftly in Spanish:


hábilmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛftli/


  • 1

    con destreza
    • He deftly navigates the world's meanest island in a hang-glider.
    • The film shows a pair of nimble, experienced hands framed in close-up, deftly preparing an impossibly lovely meal.
    • The trawler drivers drove away their boats quickly and deftly, precluding more damage.
    • William leapt off the horse and tied it quickly and deftly to the fence post.
    • Your baby is on all fours, wobbling yes, but deftly maneuvering around the living room furniture.
    • Soon enough you'll have evolved your own ability to the point when you can deftly flick the ball over the advancing goalkeeper.
    • Birds usually just decide to be airborne then leap deftly into the air.
    • Vincent was playing the guitar, his strong brown fingers moving deftly across the strings.
    • The persistence paid off when 14 minutes later, Springer scored again from a low shot placed deftly into the far left corner of the net.
    • Walsh fastened on to a corner from Arrigan and deftly side-stepped two defenders before planting the ball low past Keoghan.