Traducción de defunct en español:


caduco, adj.

Pronunciación /dəˈfəŋkt/ /dɪˈfʌŋ(k)t/

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  • 1

    (idea/theory) caduco
    (institution/party) desaparecido
    (institution/party) extinto
    (institution/party) fenecido formal
    the party is not yet defunct el partido tiene aún vida
    • a defunct law una ley que ha caído en desuso
    • The following humorous extract, written by Leo, was in a story published in a long defunct magazine.
    • On Tuesday, I am going to Radio Rhema at the now defunct train station and am initiating the beginning of the end.
    • When I do it the first five or so results are always the same defunct personal websites for which I have long forgotten the passwords.
    • Just walk around the defunct City Arts Centre and see what looms ahead.
    • The orders they receive, however, are for food via a dumbwaiter sent from the defunct restaurant above.
    • The last address I could find for you was in the Detroit area, but it's now defunct.
    • It was created to be worn by the chairman of the now defunct Cleveland County Council, which was abolished in 1996.
    • Though the treaty is all but defunct, its goals remain laudable.
    • Music was for kids, and all the old geniuses that I had revered had either become defunct, died or fallen into senescence.
    • The Mercury music prize has been running for so long that the corporate sponsor whose name it bears is now defunct.
    • The first phase of a £1 million project to transform a defunct railway track into a leisure trail is under way.
    • He assured journalists this did not mean the present system was defunct.
    • The forum, which started in 1993 and is now defunct, was funded by local authorities around the country.
    • A copy of the Manchester Courier, which is now defunct, was also found.
    • Though defunct since 1997, many companies continued issuing them for some years later to be on the safe side.
    • When it burnt down three years ago Bill built himself a new hut from palettes and reclaimed materials from a defunct taxi business.
    • It was accused of being culturally irrelevant, economically unviable and technologically defunct.
    • The revelation that a number of shops are welcoming back the officially defunct currency illustrates the mood.
    • His father worked for 29 years for the now defunct men's clothing chain.
    • The waste from a defunct reactor is full of plutonium, a highly toxic metal used as the explosive in atomic bombs.
  • 2 formal

    difunto formal