Translation of degenerate in Spanish:


degenerar, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈdʒɛnəˌreɪt/ /dɪˈdʒɛnəreɪt/ /dəˈdʒɛn(ə)rət/ /dɪˈdʒɛn(ə)rət/

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intransitive verb

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    (standards/morals/language) degenerar
    (health) deteriorarse
    to degenerate into sth degenerar en algo
    • Mentally, he probably degenerated to the point where his main concerns are the basic human instincts.
    • As a result, innovation has degenerated into developing new electoral tactics.
    • Civility is an essential virtue in a free society, for without it, both free market capitalism and liberal democracy risk degenerating into anarchy or repression.
    • Now, usually, people with rational views of the world are able to prevent policy from degenerating into such suicidally savage behavior.
    • Sense is inevitably degenerating into nonsense, like a pileup of random mutations in an endangered species gasping its last breaths.
    • Certainly as this drama deepens, each character bypasses normal human interaction degenerating into deviant behavior.
    • While he continues to place obstacles in the path of negotiations, the situation on the ground is degenerating.
    • Our capital city is slowly degenerating into a gangland.
    • They'll have to agree to disagree: I don't want my comments section degenerating into a snarling fist-fight again.
    • These last few comments are degenerating into a mob attack on a young designer.
    • Their protest degenerated into an ugly scene where they traded blows with council workers who were supposed to collect the levy.
    • His skeletal frame has degenerated to that of a 70 year old.
    • In the past, anti-corruption drives sometimes degenerated into, or masked, power struggles.
    • There was a time that I found your comments amusing, however recently you have degenerated into farce and hypocrisy.
    • The bone system could have degenerated and a similar degeneration in the neck bones can cause unsteadiness and giddiness.
    • Once there were beliefs, these degenerated into ideas, then into ideologies.
    • The second period degenerated to bad tempered aggression with a referee reluctant to impose adequate discipline.
    • From there, the interview degenerated, and I wasn't surprised when I wasn't offered the job.
    • Elections have degenerated into a choice between two evils, and your only option is the lesser evil.
    • So is it also true that our ability to appreciate and make a perceptive assessment has also degenerated?
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    degenerado masculine
    degenerada feminine
    • Let the nation cleanse itself of its degenerates, its traitors, its thugs.
    • These articles portrayed the band as obscene perverts and degenerates.
    • What kind of a psychopathic degenerate would do it?
    • I think the most important thing is not to tell the youngsters that they are degenerates if they listen to pop folk, but instil in them the importance of our culture and traditions.
    • ‘If we do not take action to overcome the obstacles that confront us, only one word can be used to describe those working in the field: degenerates,’ he wrote.
    • This will remove control of the cannabis industry from criminal degenerates - but it will create serious public health issues that the government had better be ready to deal with.
    • In the end, what really happened was a bunch of degenerates who loved being lazy began working so hard that they had to start making plans for so-called careers in the music business.
    • This is because they are degenerates, and likely violent.
    • We are smarter than to put you social degenerates in power.
    • As an atheist I'm getting sick of the fanaticism of these degenerates.
    • The city has become a magnet for degenerates of all kind.
    • The general consensus of outsiders is that the town is a place of degenerates.
    • He becomes a total degenerate, as did Faust, and, like Faust, he has sold his soul and is shocked when it comes time for him to die and he is condemned rather than exalted.
    • When all you do is have big fun, you usually turn into a degenerate.
    • But while they helped launch a revolution that has reshaped much of society, cross-dressers still wait for the day when they will no longer be dismissed as freaks and degenerates.
    • While the hobos, degenerates and backpackers passed by (you need a keen eye to tell the difference), we chatted for a while about this and that.
    • On my demanding table, comprising 10 degenerates and one discerning aesthete, virtually everybody was going for mussels followed by venison with roasted root vegetables.
    • Long aware that he was a Machiavellian degenerate, the University dismissed him and suggested he leave the country.