Translation of degenerative in Spanish:


degenerativo, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈdʒɛnərədɪv/ /dɪˈdʒɛn(ə)rətɪv/

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    • The embryonic stem cells could then be used in transplantation therapy in patients with degenerative diseases of other tissues.
    • Ataxia telangiectasia is a progressive degenerative disease that involves a large number of major body systems.
    • This damage impairs the immune system, leading to infections, cancer, or degenerative diseases such as heart disease.
    • Infectious diseases rather than chronic degenerative diseases were the order of the day, and the majority of the population lived in poverty and squalor.
    • Creutzfeldt Jakob disease is a degenerative neurological disease with a long incubation period.
    • We have sympathy for people who are ill; people with tumours and heart disease and degenerative illnesses.
    • She had a particular interest in multiple sclerosis and in other chronic degenerative diseases of the nervous system.
    • One woman went to an orthopedist for painful degenerative arthritis in her knee.
    • One patient suffered from extensive dental loss and degenerative arthritis of the spine.
    • Loss of the meniscal cartilage can lead to degenerative arthritis.
    • Alzheimer's is a progressive degenerative illness that damages brain cells and affects around 35000 people in Ireland.
    • Past history reveals degenerative arthritis, chronic neck and back pain.
    • This pain suggests a new disease burden of degenerative musculoskeletal disorders in future adults.
    • He had symptoms of degenerative arthritis but did not have evidence of joint effusions.
    • For Alzheimer's sufferers, the medical care is personal care, since it is an incurable degenerative disease.
    • Almost 80 percent of persons over age 70 have degenerative joint disease.
    • It is also called degenerative arthritis or wear-and-tear arthritis.
    • For example, in our cohort, one subject was blind and another had a degenerative neuromuscular disease.
    • Osteoarthritis is a form of degenerative arthritis that affects bone joints and develops slowly with age.
    • The scan showed areas of increased uptake in the lower spine, felt to be due to degenerative joint disease.