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deísmo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdiˌɪzəm/ /ˈdeɪˌɪzəm/ /ˈdeɪɪz(ə)m/ /ˈdiːɪz(ə)m/

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    deísmo masculino
    • He reacts against the heresy of deism, the belief that God wound up the universe in the beginning but lets it run without intervention.
    • Not only was Newton not a deist; he believed deism heretical and harmful.
    • As a prelude to this Genesis-geology controversy, the eighteenth century also witnessed the spread of two competing but largely similar worldviews: deism and atheism.
    • He drifted gradually from deism into pantheism.
    • As a thinker he advanced from theological liberalism to deism, then pantheism and possibly to atheism.
    • As I stated previously, in 18th century deism there were two keys to distinguishing between deism and theism in its various forms.
    • Put into practice, her ceremonial deism will cease to be either ceremonial or deistic.
    • In addition, what we now know of quantum mechanics renders deism inadequate theology because the universe doesn't unfold in a rigorously deterministic manner.
    • And since he asserts that atheism equals nihilism, and deism equals atheism lite, then I must really be a nihilist.
    • The solicitor general fell into the trap of defending the phrase as a revered historical curiosity, an expression of ceremonial deism, and something good for reinforcing patriotic sentiment.
    • Far from being based in a biblical vision, the case for intelligent design seems to lead at best to a kind of deism.
    • They see economics as a product of Enlightenment rationalism, along with deism, atheism, the chaos of the French Revolution and other un-Christian aspects of the modern age.
    • Hobbes's idea of a natural religion can fairly be described as deist, and his blend of deism and civil religion was to prove prophetic of much Enlightenment thinking.
    • In terms of religion, Napoleon bordered between deism and atheism.
    • As a result, no religious acknowledgment could claim to be an instance of ceremonial deism if it explicitly favored one particular religious belief system over another.
    • I've long held a similar belief, namely that modern science would lead to a re-emergence of an old religious idea, a blend of naturalism and deism.
    • I would argue that an interventionist view of God is much closer to deism than my view.
    • Constancio's rejection of Paine's deism illustrates that liberals were selective in their borrowings from the ‘canonical’ Enlightenment.
    • Originating late in 1796, this movement of intellectual, republican deism prospered in towns where dechristianization had been popular.
    • He did not, however, stray too far from deism; he placed little faith in the use of prayers for specific personal requests or miracles.