Translation of dejected in Spanish:


abatido, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈdʒɛktəd/ /dɪˈdʒɛktɪd/

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    con el ánimo por los suelos
    • His life's labor and meaning reduced to nothing, Cipriano returns home, dejected and depressed.
    • The inability of entering Western intellectual society made them feel dejected and depressed.
    • But, yet again, I failed miserably and came away feeling dejected, disheartened, deflated and demoralised.
    • It descends and when the doors open he is astonished to be greeted by a scene of desolation, with dejected people dressed in rags and a smell of sulphur in the air.
    • She never looked dejected or dispirited, though she had all the reason.
    • Vanessa watched on in dejected melancholy, wishing somewhere in the back of her mind that Jordan would argue like that with her.
    • When she sees or hears of injustice, the normally happy girl becomes so melancholy and dejected that it worries others.
    • But as the years passed, they became more gloomy and dejected, and I could see why during my visits.
    • I wasn't used to this unhappy, dejected personality he'd cultivated and I wasn't entirely sure how to deal with it.
    • Dark blue, on the other hand, has a sedative effect, and can make some people feel melancholy and dejected.
    • They were forlorn, dejected, and pleading, yet so serenely resolved he was compelled to do as she asked.
    • The story tapers off, leaving the reader disappointed and dejected by a work that promises much, but delivers little.
    • As low, dejected and depressed as she'd ever felt, she began to get the morning's activities prepared.
    • ‘He was distracted, dejected, I just thought he had a broken heart,’ she said.
    • Personally, I'm feeling as dejected, disappointed and scared as I am angry.
    • Its hero, Milo, is perpetually dejected, burdened with motiveless discontent.
    • You'll have to limp home with an empty wallet, dejected.
    • The families and relations of the victims, not surprisingly, became dejected and developed resentment for the government.
    • ‘The film is about a teenage daughter who tries to create a nonexistent boyfriend for her dejected mother,’ Robinson said.
    • But myself and the players are more dejected than anyone.