Translation of delete in Spanish:


suprimir, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈlit/ /dɪˈliːt/

See Spanish definition of suprimir

transitive verb

  • 1

    (by crossing out) tachar
    delete as applicable táchese lo que no corresponda
    • But once the dogs of war started howling he deleted the fine print.
    • The pharmacy deleted an important ingredient in your blood pressure management when it made this switch.
    • I vote that the second half of the film be deleted, re-written, and re-filmed to completely focus on the time spent on The Farm.
    • With items such as the sauces, he is more than willing to include or delete ingredients, as he says that everything is made fresh to order.
    • For the last time, I'm a (expletive deleted) veteran.
    • There's also deleted scenes, trailers, costume design artwork, the lot.
    • I'm your dream man/woman (delete as applicable).
    • The paragraph referring to the incident has now been deleted in its entirety.
    • Government operates best when there are no secrets… I would urge that Section 15 be deleted in its entirety.
    • The passage I have highlighted is that which was deleted by amendment with effect from 31st January 2001.
    • Since year was not significant in either model, it was deleted from subsequent analysis.
    • Cows with valid genotypes for fewer than three markers were deleted from the analysis.
    • ‘His name should have been deleted from the list,’ the chairman said yesterday.
    • He's the computer genius behind control alt delete.