Translation of deleterious in Spanish:


nocivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌdɛləˈtɪriəs/ /ˌdɛlɪˈtɪərɪəs/

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  • 1

    to be deleterious to sth ser nocivo / perjudicial para algo
    • The world situation has had deleterious effects on a couple of international film festivals this week.
    • And finally, it examines the deleterious effect that this might have on the performer and the people around them.
    • I think, to that degree, it may have had a deleterious effect upon the medium since then.
    • Nor do they show evidence of any long-term deleterious effect in children attending day-care from an early age.
    • The resulting instability often has deleterious effects on the children of the relationship.
    • We should vigorously oppose such a show, which can only have a deleterious effect on the moral and spiritual climate of our city.
    • As for carbon dioxide emission - if this does have a deleterious effect, how should we deal with the problem?
    • Actions taken because of the fear of this older future are already having deleterious effects for lots of older people.
    • In fact, the war itself would have had a deleterious effect on tourism, one would have thought.
    • A healthy person can consume a large quantity of water without any deleterious effect.
    • Any move is likely to have a deleterious effect on their health and will certainly adversely affect the quality of their life.
    • Special tax treatment for health benefits has several deleterious effects.
    • Moreover, scientific studies on choking reveal no deleterious after effects.
    • It is currently unknown whether the deleterious effects of fats are limited to specific fatty acids.
    • So what can be done to wind back the deleterious effects of confidentiality agreements on public safety?
    • Some deleterious effects ascribed to lead may include contributions from other metals.
    • This type of genetic shuffling may have unpredictable, often deleterious effects.
    • In general, these drugs have no deleterious effects on training or competition.
    • The virus causes about 1 million deaths a year due to its deleterious effects on the liver.
    • The deleterious effect is that there can be no public scrutiny and comment on the conduct of the police investigation.