Translation of deliberate in Spanish:


deliberado, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈlɪb(ə)rət/ /dɪˈlɪb(ə)rət/ /dɪˈlɪbəˌreɪt/ /dɪˈlɪbəreɪt/

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  • 1

    (act/attempt) deliberado
    (act/attempt) intencionado
    I could tell it was deliberate se veía que lo había hecho (or dicho etc.) a propósito / adrede
    • it was a deliberate insult lo dijo (or hizo etc.) con (la) intención de insultar
    • We have reason to believe at this point in time with the evidence through the course of the investigation this was premeditated, deliberate, intentional.
    • He said there is no deliberate attempt to provoke feelings of isolation, but the looped video of a train constantly leaving the viewer stranded is a touch eerie.
    • And those injuries have been inflicted with deliberate and premeditated intent.
    • You also talk about the ruling class and how to gauge their intentions - to what extent their actions are deliberate and conscious.
    • What is most chilling is the deliberate and calculated attempt by Government to take on its most vulnerable and to make them enemies of the State.
    • Our consciousness is biased to think that its own intentions and deliberate choices rule our lives.
    • Genocide is the deliberate and preplanned attempt to wipe out a particular race of people.
    • Most of the hostility faced by conservatives is not explicit, and often not conscious or deliberate.
    • Separation from family is one of the most apparent costs of participating in the program and it's a conscious and deliberate strategy and policy.
    • ‘The action and conduct of the two newspapers was conscious and deliberate,’ he said.
    • Institutional racism does not have to be deliberate and conscious.
    • Another sort of deliberate attempt to purposely sabotage you?
    • But basically I think the problem with it is, is that both of these stories are deliberate and conscious constructs right from the beginning.
    • It furthermore does not assume that quitting was a conscious and deliberate act as has often been assumed as part of formal cessation programs.
    • It was a conscious, deliberate effort to distill myself into a bunch of electrons residing on a server somewhere on the World Wide Web.
    • This correspondence and subsequent appropriation may not have been deliberate or completely conscious.
    • I always make a conscious and deliberate effort to cover these matters in each patient in order not to miss anything.
    • To my mind a lie is a deliberate intent to deceive.
    • He would need to show a willful mendacity, an intention to deceive by deliberate falsification.
    • Yeah, but the cuts planned in those services are a deliberate attempt to undermine social provision, not a necessity of economics.
    • A deliberate decision - decided I would vote when it was voluntary.
    • It was this committee that took the deliberate decision that the coronation of Charles II would be conducted as if the previous ten years had not happened.
    • Only deliberate effort enables one fully to grasp the implications of such a position.
    • That was a deliberate decision as I was looking for a pure sound which was of a certain kind.
    • But what you're also seeing is some very deliberate decisions by people who have seen what's happening federally, particularly from the Government.
    • He will be very different - but not from deliberate decision, but because like any assembly of the powerful, those assembled wish to exercise that power for different ends.
    • At the same time, it has left him open to charges of flip-flopping, and concerns that his deliberate, decision - making style may be a hindrance in the Oval Office.
    • Can't quite remember if that was a deliberate decision or not…
    • They've made a deliberate decision on this album not to use any keyboards, and to have no conventional guitar solos.
    • In part, the continued support for settlements results from deliberate policy decisions.
    • And over time, we began to realise as it sunk in that it wasn't a mistake, that this was a deliberate decision.
    • He claims his motive in this decision has been deliberate, rather than a result of his not being invited to participate.
    • I still have no idea why it was that he chose to reveal himself to me at that moment, but I am sure he did just as I am sure that it was a deliberate decision on his part.
    • He said there was a deliberate decision not to put the decentralised departments into gateways.
    • It was a very deliberate decision when I started the site that I was going to swear like a trooper.
    • It might have been a very sensible, deliberate decision.
    • It was a deliberate decision to challenge myself.
    • But this question assumes that writing is a whole lot more conscious and deliberate than it actually is.
    • A conscious and deliberate thinking on wealth creation is mandatory and is not evident in the current budget.
    • But again that's making it sound terribly conscious and deliberate, and I'm not that kind of writer.
  • 2

    • 2.1(considered)

      she was very deliberate in her choice of words eligió sus palabras con sumo cuidado

    • 2.2(unhurried)

      (movement/gesture/speech) pausado
      (movement/gesture/speech) lento
      • We want to be very, very careful, and I have every confidence in my husband, in his administration, that they will be very careful and very deliberate over this.
      • He is very deliberate, very careful, has a wonderful sense of humor.
      • Recruiting teachers has become a careful and deliberate process because the reputation of the institution depends on them.
      • That is why the introduction of a national ID card should be careful and deliberate, not something done in excess haste.
      • The camp location was chosen with careful and deliberate thought.
      • Instead, he straightened his spine and took a few slow, deliberate steps forward.
      • Thus, we must take measured but deliberate steps in our financial war on terrorism.
      • Like many men of his generation who have experienced war, this is how he is; measured, deliberate, cool - as if nothing in civilian life is worth getting too exited about.
      • This is a very deliberate, cautious first step.
      • With a steady and deliberate pace, a figure wearing a hooded cloak came into view, holding a candelabra in one hand and a blanket of some kind in the other.
      • Scientists can also change an electrolyte's ionic strength to alter the outcome of a reaction in a measured, deliberate way.
      • Father spoke much too casually; Mama's stitching was much too steady and deliberate, almost forced.
      • There is no heat and fire in the characteristics of Saturn, no burning passion or inflamed desire, its movement is deliberate, steady and predictable.
      • Everything is very measured, very deliberate, very proper, with a flawless outer sheen concealing what lies just below the surface.
      • Two sets of prints show adults, probably a male and female, walking in tandem at a steady and deliberate pace.
      • Their movements like the placement of the candles are measured and deliberate.
      • This time around, reckless abandon has given way to cautious and deliberate strokes.
      • With deliberate caution, he slid the scroll into his tunic and patted it gently.
      • The needs of children and youth of adoption, however, necessitate their application in a deliberate and conscientious manner.
      • She was being quite deliberate with her movements, and I wanted to know why.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to deliberate about/on sth deliberar sobre algo
    • Scientists are still deliberating this question.
    • As I ran back and forth, hitting the balls he sent me, I deliberated the question - could I ethically have a different attitude toward Ben, just because he was with the girl I loved?
    • In 1933, the Protestant Church deliberated the question of whether Christians converted from Judaism should still be allowed to belong to the Church.
    • Jurors in the state are deliberating the fate of a long-time sheriff accused of ordering the murder of his successor.
    • The seven female and five male jurors will continue deliberating verdicts today in the retrial at Hull Crown Court after being sent home last night.
    • Juries are often prohibited from considering penalties when deliberating a criminal case.
    • I ultimately conclude that a number of parties play a role in deliberating claims of artistic value in rock music: music writers, artists, fans, and commercial interests.
    • The disagreement prompted lawmakers deliberating the controversial bill to bring the issue to a closed-door meeting on Thursday for lobbying.
    • The House of Representatives is also currently deliberating a bill on special autonomy, which is expected to provide another peaceful solution.
    • It wouldn't have been so bad if Monday hadn't been a bank holiday and Tuesday been a whole day spent in the boardroom deliberating the winners of this year's Awards.
    • The committee was tasked with deliberating the content of the bill, while the special team has dealt mainly with the bill's wording.
    • The longer they spend deliberating the cuts, the happier I am.
    • The House of Representatives is currently in the process of deliberating the amendment of the central bank law.
    • Legislators are in the midst of deliberating a bill on state bonds to allow the creation of a government debt market.
    • The House has been deliberating the election bill in the past few months and is expected to endorse it by the end of this year.
    • The executive will then spend a couple of days deliberating the matter before releasing their findings.
    • There should be a representative from this community on every ‘ethics’ board that deliberates such matters.
    • Those bids are on hold until council deliberates rezoning.
    • Sources said the jury took two hours to deliberate Small's fate and a probation report would now be prepared to determine the term of his sentence.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (matter/question) deliberar sobre
    he deliberated whether to go to Boston estuvo deliberando / pensando si ir o no a Boston