Translation of deliberately in Spanish:


adrede, adv.

Pronunciation /dəˈlɪb(ə)rətli/ /dɪˈlɪb(ə)rətli/


  • 1

    a propósito
    you did that deliberately lo hiciste adrede / a propósito
    • The language of central banking is obscure, deliberately obscured, in my view.
    • At times, they have been more or less deliberately constructed for public relations purposes.
    • I'm not trying to be deliberately provocative here, by the way.
    • Whilst Courbet was an open revolutionary, Manet did not deliberately produce provocative paintings, in his eyes he was emulating the early greats.
    • She would never have deliberately taken her own life.
    • The Graduate Program in Music is deliberately small, admitting six to eight students each year.
    • The Maastricht package was a political bargain, which deliberately left for later negotiation many of the wider ramifications of monetary union.
    • Many have justifiable ethical concerns about deliberately deceiving patients regarding the nature of their treatment.
    • The accused was deliberately deceptive about where he lived.
    • He deliberately tried not to think about the telegram any more.
    • Sometimes, they deliberately kept houses vacant in order to make speculative gains in the market.
    • Richardson that she couldn't afford the mortgage were deliberately concealed.
    • We do not know whether those statements were deliberately misleading or uninformed.
    • I think the press has been confused about this or deliberately misled.
    • In most cases it is done out of ignorance, not deliberately.
    • Allegations were made that the asylum-seekers had deliberately thrown their children overboard.
    • He suggests that they were deliberately being kept out of sight.
    • The line between citizens and the state is being deliberately and successfully blurred.
    • I can say as a parent that I was often innocent and occasionally deliberately ignorant about the areas of sin in my own life.
    • Information suggests that some of these vehicles were deliberately followed prior to being stolen by thieves in another vehicle.
  • 2

    (move/gesture/speak) pausadamente
    (move/gesture/speak) con parsimonia
    • Slowly, deliberately maintaining eye contact with him, Beth drew one arm around Charlotte's waist.