Traducción de deliberation en español:


deliberación, n.

Pronunciación /dəˌlɪbəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/ /dɪˌlɪbəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1 formal

    • 1.1(consideration)

      deliberación femenino
      after long deliberation tras largas deliberaciones / una larga deliberación
      • I said to them that in their deliberations they should consider the ten pensioners' flats adjacent.
      • The jury was resuming its deliberations today to consider verdicts on two remaining charges.
      • The discussions and deliberations which transpired over this period have been treated as a state secret.
      • There are tight legal restrictions on discussing real jury deliberations.
      • Some people feel that it is a bad idea for jurors to discuss their deliberations.
      • It was a six-month-long process of detailed deliberations and consultations.
      • Council discussed the prospective sales during budget deliberations this month.
      • They asserted that deliberations had focused more on the interests of the elite than those of the general public.
      • Yet no major initiatives are expected to emerge from the deliberations.
      • These people did not go easy on her in their deliberations, from all appearances.
      • The length of their deliberations surprised me after the brutality of the crime.
      • After two days deliberations they returned a guilty verdict by a majority of 10-2.
      • The judges resumed their deliberations without the aid workers yesterday, who did not appear on the trial's fifth day.
      • All business reports have been submitted and the judging panel is in the course of making its deliberations.
      • Whether we will be able to come to agreement on this we don't yet know, as the reference group has not yet completed its deliberations.
      • The council also invites private-sector observers to join their deliberations.
      • Social partnership is subjected to no democratic accountability and its deliberations are carried out in secret.
      • Both sides had been playing as though still searching for their fluency, even simply for a meaning to their deliberations.
      • Although we don't actually get to cast a vote, it's hard not to become involved in the deliberations.
      • Jurors with nicotine addictions are let out during deliberations to smoke.

    • 1.2deliberations plural(decision making)

      deliberaciones femenino

  • 2 formal

    (unhurried manner)
    parsimonia femenino
    calma femenino
    • Arms vertically extended, I turned with the slow deliberation of a cornered felon.
    • Again and again, with slow deliberation, the whale approaches the boat.
    • Tanned and looking younger than he is, he speaks with slow deliberation, well aware of the power of the spoken word.
    • He had been striding back and forth, rubbing his chin in deliberation at an agonizingly slow pace.
    • Morgan smirks and with slow deliberation, sorts through the pile of books on the desk.
    • I looked over the reef to see large shadows moving with slow deliberation way below.
    • With a slow deliberation she folded it and held it out to him with a playful innocence that made him want to rush over to her and kiss her.
    • Bold bedrooms may look free, but remember that they have been put together with deliberation, care and discipline.
    • The work of the Code revision committee proceeded with calculated deliberation.
    • Again, he fired but this time taking great care and deliberation with each pull of the trigger.
    • No bill, no matter how great it is in substance, will be able to do that without care and great deliberation.