Traducción de delicately en español:


con delicadeza, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈdɛlɪkətli/


  • 1

    (carve/paint) con delicadeza
    (carve/paint) delicadamente
    a delicately balanced equilibrium un delicado equilibrio
    • There were stalls set up all along the boardwalk, people selling delicately crafted jewellery or gorgeously coloured paintings.
    • Pieces are delicately crafted, with full use made of the wonderful texture and colours ingrained in the wood.
    • The building's delicately sculpted arches, domes and turrets are brilliantly mirrored in the waters below.
    • A young woman photographer, much more delicately sketched, snaps a picture in the background.
    • Her rotund torso and delicately etched facial features evince the monumental simplicity of an ancient fertility goddess.
    • It was composed of remnants, fragments, collages, woven together delicately with words.
    • Her detailed works are precisely and delicately rendered in a colorful, flat style worthy of high-quality children's picture books.
    • Fred Astaire's attire, in his RKO musicals of the 1930s, was always delicately and meticulously designed with performance in mind.
    • In Sadness, these two threads are delicately and skillfully woven together to create an elegant and intensely moving documentary.
    • The Gothic palace is a stark monstrosity that is in striking contrast to the delicately chiselled and embellished Palacio Nazaries, the Moorish royal palace.
  • 2

    (act/behave/treat) con delicadeza
    • She took her time to reach me, walking delicately in my direction.
    • Dawn ate delicately, popping the hot pieces carefully into her mouth.
    • She had an intricately carved wooden box tucked under her arm that she cradled delicately.
    • She bit delicately into a cucumber sandwich.
    • If your nails lack luster, try delicately massaging some oil into them to give them a nice shine.
    • Our fingers touched delicately.
    • Mike's hand fluttered delicately up and down her sides.
    • She wore a yellow satin dress with a white sash tied delicately around her waist.
    • My eyes were trained on her as she delicately stepped off the curb ran lightly across the street.
    • They take their glasses delicately by the stems and bring them together in a mock show of etiquette.
    • The director deals delicately with the issues of abuse; there is no graphic detail.
    • The situation now is proceeding delicately in view of that assumption.
    • "Maybe," I conceded delicately, not wanting to be the one to crush her dreams.
    • He was obliged to hint delicately at the dire news to his invalid and still absent wife.
    • The girls' love is treated delicately, like any young love affair, and never in an exploitative manner.
    • Director Miranda Harcourt deals delicately with this script, loaded as it is with double entendres.
    • Put delicately, this large and disparate family finds it difficult to agree on anything.
    • "It's not in anyone's best interest to publish these," I said delicately.
    • "Maybe he doesn't like females," Will said delicately.
    • The doctor knows he is talking about him, but the men carry on the conversation delicately, referring only to an unnamed "friend."
  • 3

    (patterned/perfumed) delicadamente
    • The meat was firm, but not tough, and delicately spiced.
    • Consumers are seeking out specific specialty honeys, from delicately perfumed sage to citrusy orange blossom.
    • The scent of bougainvillea mingles delicately with the aroma of cannelloni.
    • The bottom halves of the cookies were imbued with the rhubarb juices and thus softened, while the top halves remained delicately crispy.
    • The pretty stripes, soft flannels, and delicately shaded plaids are worn for lawn-tennis, croquet and archery suits.
    • It has a soothing, refreshing, and delicately fruity taste, and is served, very sweet, several times a day all over the Arab world.
    • It's a soft-smelling, nutty, delicately aromatic beer that tastes similarly light and delicate.
    • A whole carp steamed or braised with fresh ginger and delicately seasoned with Chinese rice wine will be the third course.
    • A breaded, delicately seasoned pan-fried grouper fillet brought our attention back to the food.
    • The spice is light brown in color and has a delicately fragrant aroma and warm, sweet flavor.