Translation of deliciously in Spanish:


deliciosamente, adv.

Pronunciation /dəˈlɪʃəsli/ /dɪˈlɪʃəsli/


  • 1

    • Each table is fitted with a grill for you to cook the deliciously marinated meat.
    • This creation involves char-grilled tenderloin and an extravagance of deliciously caramelized onion.
    • Modern hyacinth hybrids are among the most deliciously scented flowers in the garden.
    • For just 80 calories a serving, you'll cover your daily calcium needs while enjoying a deliciously filling, nutritious and low-calorie beverage.
    • One of my favourite recipes using cardamom pods is a deliciously warming tea which I drink in the winter to ward off colds, coughs and flu.
    • The smooth, buttery, melt-in-the-mouth flesh marries deliciously with strong dressings or herbs.
    • There is nowhere else in the area which sells deliciously fresh food at such favourable prices.
    • Shauna documented her attempts to eat deliciously well on a gluten-free diet.
    • The forest was dense and smelled deliciously green.
    • Using hot peppers in my garlic-red pepper-olive oil pasta, makes the August heat seem deliciously cool.
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    he's deliciously funny/ironic tiene un humor delicioso/una ironía deliciosa
    • It is a creepy ghost story, deliciously acted for maximum effect.
    • What follows is a cross between Easy Rider, Alice in Wonderland, and a deliciously subverted Wizard of Oz.
    • As the plot deliciously twists and turns, it becomes more engaging and more human.
    • This is deliciously extraverted music, deliciously conducted by Boskovsky.
    • It's a dark vision, but one so deliciously well-executed that you can't help but cheer it on.
    • This unsettling, spiky, deliciously entertaining little show is a triumphant reminder of why the company has survived so long.
    • From blenders to eggbeaters, it's all here, somewhere, in this deliciously jumbled secondhand-cookware store.
    • Newton's performance here is nothing short of deliciously delirious.
    • It's deliciously grown-up, avoiding slapstick in favour of fortuitous mishap.
    • Certainly not Brando's finest hour, but it's deliciously over the top.