Traducción de delightfully en español:


divinamente, adv.

Pronunciación /dəˈlaɪtfəli/ /dɪˈlʌɪtf(ə)li/

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    (sing/paint) divinamente
    (sing/paint) de maravilla
    she's delightfully naive tiene una ingenuidad que es una delicia
    • it's delightfully pretty es una preciosidad
    • Once you absorb the delightfully twisted story, further viewings will reveal the carefully nuanced comedic background.
    • There is a delightfully odd, twangy soundtrack, which plays counterpoint to the otherworldly feel of the rest of the film.
    • Remarkably, delightfully, given the risks taken by the production, this film is a total success in every respect.
    • It is a far and delightfully welcome cry from the grimness and grime usually associated with building sites.
    • In these videos, the pieces all come together into a remarkable coherence: all the nonsense somehow, delightfully, makes sense.
    • Under his masterful direction, with its eccentric perspectives and brilliant compositions, everything comes together delightfully.
    • Many of his mispronunciation jokes are delightfully complex.
    • The movie was a delightfully witty tale showing a lightness of touch not seen in the director's work since the 1950s.
    • Delightfully conceived and beautifully shot, the video captures Peter's carefree frame of mind perfectly.
    • A clever script and two delightfully over-achieving actresses make this a picture to see for sure.