Translation of delineate in Spanish:


trazar, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈlɪniˌeɪt/ /dɪˈlɪnɪeɪt/

Definition of trazar in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    • The blue outline delineates the border of the Greenland ice sheet.
    • Because the two institutions stand apart, they can decide whether to recognize the legitimacy of the other but they cannot delineate each others boundaries.
    • This could be a fault that delineates the present-day eastern boundary of the West Siberian Basin.
    • Across southern and western England are several linear dyke systems of the later first millennium AD, which delineate or defend territorial boundaries.
    • And over the past few decades it has become ever more difficult to delineate these boundaries.
    • A stone wall forms the boundary to one side while a new fence delineates the other, and there are mature trees dotted around.
    • The boundary of the Great Plains, as delineated by Macneal, was used to determine the soil composition of the historic grassland.
    • Exposed skin sites that exhibit erythema can be clearly delineated from unexposed skin by sharp boundaries.
    • Facial features are indicated three-dimensionally but are not delineated in color.
    • He also changed the position of the lines used to delineate the alleged ‘paleosol’.
    • I have discovered that on these, the boundaries of hereditaments were often carelessly delineated and only outlined with coloured crayon.
    • The beltlines crisply delineate the upper and lower body sections, and combine with the panel curvature to add tension to the surprisingly plain sides.
    • At the initial mapping, a 400 m baseline, delineating the deepest edge of the shoal, was established and marked with permanent metal stakes.
    • Tunnel margins were best delineated on the radiographic view, and this view was used for all tunnel measurements.
    • The designated ice field may need to be delineated in advance with a skin marker pen, because freezing may blur pretreatment lesion margins.
    • It's always been a volatile border, and not terribly well delineated, because the tide comes up and down, and the actual border changes when that happens.
    • In the 19th century Africans were conquered, colonized and arranged into appendages of European nation-states, with random boundaries they had no voice in delineating.
    • The outlines were so vague, not delineated clearly at all.
    • The southern boundary's exact location is not clearly delineated.
    • The edges were carefully delineated, hedged with bushes and beds of obviously carefully-tended smaller shrubs.
  • 2

    (plan/proposal) trazar
    (plan/proposal) delinear
    (problem/concept) definir
    a writer who delineates his characters with great subtlety un escritor que dibuja sus personajes con gran sutileza
    • He describes the sociological evidence delineating the impact of fatherlessness upon children.
    • The Hindu religious texts describe varna ashrama dharma, the religious/social law delineating duties of four castes.
    • It is precisely this awareness that delineates a separation between spectator and performer as insider/outsider.
    • This framework and a job description delineate the nurse's realm and boundaries.
    • A good student will show the examiner an overall knowledge of the area and be able to put the law in perspective when delineating the options available to the disgruntled buyer.
    • With both testimony and judgment, however, we are still in the carefully delineated domain of law.
    • In-depth interviews of women with subclinical eating disorders delineate these characteristic behaviors.
    • First, labor law must more clearly delineate such threats as illegal, and impose big enough penalties to deter employers from making them.
    • Further studies are needed to identify these factors and to delineate their precise mechanism of action.
    • The term is perfect for delineating the process of the video medium and for describing history in relation to the body.
    • Over the course of the century, the city obviously evolved in various directions, and the exhibition delineates particular angles and themes that preoccupied succeeding eras.
    • Before that period there were no Jews in Britain for about three hundred years; and earlier, their legal position had been very clearly delineated.
    • This is not intended to be an exhaustive list; building secure software requires much more than what we delineate here.
    • The dividing lines among the ethnic groups are still clearly delineated.
    • More importantly, the date marks the actual moment of transition; it delineates the boundary between life and death, between temporal and eternal.
    • Its efficacy, safety, and indications have yet to be delineated.
    • This section delineates organizational and operational responsibilities of the public health sector that are essential to achieve the goals of TB control in the United States.
    • I was of the opinion that it was wise to delineate clearly the boundary of responsibility in this aspect.
    • The genetic model delineated in the previous section can serve as the basis to explore the population genetics of dominance evolution.
    • While this does not change the basic modular structure of networks, it makes it more difficult to delineate the exact boundaries of these characters.
  • 3

    the trees were clearly delineated against the sky los árboles se recortaban / perfilaban nítidamente contra el cielo