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delincuencia, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈlɪŋkwənsi/ /dɪˈlɪŋkw(ə)nsi/

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    Derecho Sociología
    delincuencia femenino
    • Gender is no barrier to delinquency and crime committed by youth.
    • Crime and delinquency among our young people would have been at a minimum today if heads of all religious faiths and homes had the respect and admiration of those under their charge.
    • Media reports on youth crime and delinquency regularly paint a picture of undisciplined and dangerous young people with negative attitudes towards authority.
    • While urban police are the public officials who most directly regulate juvenile crime and delinquency, their work has rarely been considered in histories of juvenile justice.
    • Since the latter half of the nineteenth century, the police have been the foremost public authorities who regulate juvenile crime and delinquency.
    • The questionnaire consists of 64 items which fall under the following categories: serious crimes, delinquency, drug use, and school and family offenses.
    • In some cases, relative income deprivation may also contribute to the growth of significant social problems, including crime, delinquency, and high rates of suicide and drug use.
    • In doing so, crime and delinquency are seen as the consequence of individual pathology and association with a ‘bad crowd.’
    • These programs, called Blueprints, have been shown to reduce adolescent violent crime, aggression, delinquency, and substance abuse.
    • Rather, both traditions framed crucial social policies in such areas as education, child welfare, delinquency, imprisonment, crime prevention, and mental health.
    • These expectations are consistent with the observation that departure from their own culture would increase the risk of crime and delinquency.
    • There was no crime or childhood delinquency on her record.
    • The research center was launched to assist in the reduction of juvenile crime and delinquency in Texas, according to officials.
    • Theorists should acknowledge the role and importance of the peer group in explanations of crime and delinquency.
    • It regards lack of social control as a determinant of crime and delinquency, including runaway as an early sign.
    • These are the girls who are vulnerable to getting caught in crime, delinquency and early sexuality.
    • If this sort of relationship did not happen then maternal deprivation resulted which could lead to crime and delinquency.
    • The question on crime and delinquency was particularly nice.
    • There was a sentimental love for an old con, an eager romanticising of gaol and crime and social delinquency.
    • A council has been blamed for a man's fall into delinquency and crime which led to a life sentence in prison.
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    mora femenino
    delinquency charge recargo de mora
    • However, an increase in total consumer debt increases revolving delinquencies.
    • That could lead to more mortgage delinquencies or defaults.
    • This theorem accounts for both the unexplainable growth in outstandings and the lack of delinquencies!
    • Rising delinquencies reduce cash inflow from debt payments and increase collection expenses.
    • Credit card delinquencies increased 26 basis points during the month to 5.30%, up from last year's 4.83%.
    • The following sections provide modeling examples at the local level for two distinct observations: personal bankruptcy and loan delinquencies.
    • We expect a surge in credit card delinquencies going forward.
    • Today, despite record levels of additional Consumer Credit, we see rising delinquencies and charge-offs, particularly with the marginal ‘subprime’ lenders.
    • Other trust data confirm that most lenders faced rising charge-offs and delinquencies during November, providing strong confirmation of expanding subprime Credit card deterioration.
    • The empirical model for explaining delinquencies is similar to the one for explaining bankruptcies.
    • Managed delinquencies increased nine basis points sequentially to 4.88%, but were down 21 basis points year-over-year.
    • Managed delinquencies declined from 4.97% to 4.80% during the quarter.
    • Loan delinquencies have steadily risen in the past 24 months, to the point where nearly 1 in 20 home loans is delinquent - one of the highest rates in the past decade.
    • This is fine during boom times, but delinquencies and repossessions can soar when the economy declines, obviously rendering the lender less inclined to extend credit in the future.
    • In addition to getting a re-sale certificate, the buyer also should get a sales tax clearance, to avoid being stuck with the seller's sales tax delinquencies.
    • Already, credit-card delinquencies are at record levels.
    • The three-year drop in mortgage rates has also offset the stagnant job market's effect on mortgage delinquencies.
    • The next year, similar trends could see $15 million of delinquencies and losses.
    • Still, it reported in a recent filing that it, too, is bracing for more delinquencies and charge-offs.
    • Consumer lending was strong, but there were some increases in consumer and business loan delinquencies.