Translation of delinquent in Spanish:


delincuente, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈlɪŋkwənt/ /dɪˈlɪŋkw(ə)nt/


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    delincuente masculine, feminine


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    (youth) delincuente
    (activities) delictivo
    • She had been teaching English in the state school system where she often worked with troubled or delinquent children.
    • He was on the cusp of becoming a delinquent teenager when a Christian camp counselor asked if he was going to heaven or hell: He decided at that moment to dedicate his life to Christ.
    • ‘When the previous home was there, which housed delinquent teenagers, they did not feel the need to fence them in like this,’ she added.
    • She was probably some delinquent teenager's mom.
    • At this level, the authorities must deal with delinquent parents who literally nurture criminals, almost the way other parents work hard to mould their children into decent citizens.
    • Punish the delinquent employees and also the people who contaminate the atmosphere.
    • The truth is, we're just beginning the real descent into Lawsuit Hell - a place where average citizens injured by delinquent doctors or defective products are denied any recourse.
    • She got a particularly strong ovation, especially from female patrons, when she rendered a ditty about making delinquent fathers support their children.
    • In the aftermath of the incident, his government will have to take quick and resolute steps with thorough probes and punishments of the delinquent officials concerned.
    • When we focus only on delinquent students, we allow some of the real culprits in this cycle of school degeneration to escape unscathed.
    • She's also the only proper grown-up on the show, trying to keep her family together as she deals with an unfaithful husband and a delinquent son.
    • In fact, they mattered more than her wretchedness, even more than my loved, lost and delinquent father who had put us in this situation.
    • He is a farmer who marries a rich woman from the city and finds life in Athens with her and his delinquent son torturous.
    • One thinks of Yeats's poem on another delinquent genius, Catullus.
    • In his half-mast trousers, short-cut jacket and spiky wig, he looks like a delinquent Jack Horner.
    • His guess as to how many of the little delinquent brats he works with will wind up in jail: Not too many of them.
    • Usually, these delinquent mothers are charged by the police and have to serve a sentence.
    • In some places, he used some harsh language to blame the irresponsible parents for their lack of support for their delinquent children.
    • But they are commonly seen as aberrations from a peaceful norm, or as the exceptional behaviour of a few young and delinquent drivers.
    • The home was intended to provide temporary shelter for dependent and delinquent children until permanent placement in homes or institutions could be arranged.
  • 2US

    (debtor/tax payer) moroso
    (debtor/tax payer) de morosos
    • Fortunately, you can collect delinquent receivables and keep your valued clients.
    • The various utilities might then have the leverage to disconnect each other's services in order to ensure recovery of arrear and delinquent accounts.
    • If you failed to make payments and any of your accounts were sent to collection, information about the delinquent accounts appears here.
    • Loan delinquencies have steadily risen in the past 24 months, to the point where nearly 1 in 20 home loans is delinquent - one of the highest rates in the past decade.
    • To be precise, the delinquency rates are calculated as the percent of borrowers holding a particular type of credit who are delinquent 30 + days on one or more accounts.
    • Say you've got $20 million in delinquent receivables.
    • A consumer can be delinquent on one account and pay other accounts on schedule.
    • Lower provisions for delinquent loans also helped.
    • He also warned that the City would continue to take credit control measures against delinquent accounts.
    • The loan officer agreed to extend the delinquent's due date and offered him an additional $250,000 to get through the rough times.
    • It waived millions of dollars in delinquent fees on late-paying cardholders and increased credit limits to cash-starved clients.
    • Wage garnishment is a creditor collection tool that a delinquent debtor can escape by filing for bankruptcy.
    • Take caution in pursuing delinquent accounts.
    • Chasing down delinquent accounts is no fun either.
    • Additionally, house prices continue to appreciate for the time being, lowering the debt/equity ratio and making it less likely that the delinquent homeowners will walk away from their equity.
    • In the circumstances, it seems extraordinarily delinquent on the part of the regulators to abrogate their collective responsibilities in this area.
    • By the end of the year, 10% of the poor quality loans turn seriously delinquent with little chance of collection.
    • Proceeds from the sale must be applied first to delinquent rent and, if authorized by the lease, to the costs of packing, moving and storing the property.
    • At least 16 per cent are delinquent or in foreclosure, and 4.6 percent actually are in foreclosure.
    • As that happens, you'll see more companies trolling through tax records, looking for delinquent homeowners to exploit.