Translation of demand in Spanish:


exigir, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈmænd/ /dɪˈmɑːnd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person) (call for, insist on) exigir
    (person) (ask) preguntar
    to demand to + inf exigir + inf / que + subj
    to demand sth of sb exigirle algo a algn
    I demand a fair trial exijo un juicio imparcial
    • they're demanding immediate payment of the debt exigen el pago inmediato de la deuda
    • the unions are demanding better conditions los sindicatos reclaman mejores condiciones
    • to demand money with menaces exigir dinero con intimidación
    • what have I done? he demanded —¿qué he hecho yo? —preguntó
    • The scorer walked up to him in a tea break and brusquely demanded to know his name.
    • They were demanding that the erring police officials be arrested and action taken against them.
    • Officials marched in with police back-up, demanding to see the staff's working permits.
    • In response, students occupied the police station and demanded they be arrested as well.
    • The protesters made speeches and unfurled banners and posters accusing the regent of being corrupt and demanding the police investigate him.
    • Medical reports confirm he is in a terminal decline and lawyers have written to prison authorities demanding he is released on compassionate grounds.
    • On whose authority, he demanded, was such a barbarous act to be committed?
    • At first, she angrily demanded to know where he had been.
    • The MP is now demanding an explanation from the chief executive of the trust.
    • Politicians and patients' groups are now demanding to know how health officials managed to get it so wrong.
    • ‘Well?’ he demanded in a husky voice when the silence continued.
    • ‘Open the gates,’ she demanded in a low, threatening voice.
    • ‘Where are our girls?’ they demanded in a hoarse whisper.
    • ‘Then tell me the truth,’ she demands in a whisper in between kisses.
    • Not one to be fobbed off lightly, I demanded to speak to the manager.
    • He went to a former girlfriend's home, demanding to speak to her.
    • A one-page letter demanded to see all software licences to prove the software wasn't counterfeit.
    • The protestors demanded to see the mayor but were refused.
    • After some time he demanded loudly to be carried.
    • I was therefore not surprised one evening to hear a deaf elderly woman loudly demanding to see him.
    • The more the government does, the more that is demanded of it.
    • All of the questions were well laid out, students knew what was demanded of them and they typically had plenty of time.
    • It is a long time since so little was expected of the player who, at 32, now finds that a major triumph is routinely demanded of him.
    • Forgiveness can never be demanded of victims and certainly not in the absence of admissions of wrongdoing.
    • Strict conformity to harsh social norms was demanded of everyone, regardless of status or wealth.
    • More has been demanded of developing players since youth academies were set up after the 1989 revolution.
    • That, like most things in life, varies on a day-to-day basis and it can never be demanded of you.
    • A similar performance is also demanded of the footsoldiers on the pitch.
    • When cornered by a hostile and armed rabble, it is demanded of them that they attempt to take a consensual approach.
    • My laptop is straining under the weight of what is demanded of it.
    • The time has come to ask hard questions about how much further change should be demanded of the civil service.
    • Yet most Americans believe crime is on the rise and are demanding public officials do something about it.
    • He is among a growing band of farmers and organisations demanding a full public inquiry into the Government's handling of the crisis.
    • But a police officer should not demand more than his commander has given to him.
    • Over the next two years it is probable that teachers, local government, the police and others will demand more.
    • The Republicans also demanded more campaign money and help for the upcoming election.
    • The company offered its drivers massive pay increases to keep them and the conductors also demanded more money.
    • The nonsmokers could demand what they wanted in exchange for their rations.
  • 2

    (necessitate, require)
    (dedication/perseverance) exigir
    (dedication/perseverance) requerir
    this document demands your immediate attention este documento requiere su atención inmediata
    • The exercise is a delicate one which demands both detailed knowledge of the original texts and insight into the bases of contemporary feminist hostility to them.
    • True, it is often a blunt instrument when the requirements of justice demand sensitive application in complex human situations.
    • Community groups got intensely involved, demanding a wealth of detailed information.
    • The growing list of mass casualty threats requiring preparedness now demands a heightened level of knowledge and skill for critical care nurses.
    • Pruning requirements demand some knowledge of the individual species on hand.
    • And because embroidery demands precision it requires sharp focus at all times.
    • Democracy doesn't require - it demands a full and rigorous debate of this Bill.
    • Nothing less will be demanded or required on Tuesday evening.
    • Now the learner is in a position to demand the education they require rather than taking what is on offer.
    • An all out performance requires and demands vigorous muscular effort, but only during the most propulsive phase of a stroke.
    • Most of these activities rely on traditionally acquired skills that do not demand modern technical knowledge.
    • The music is at times extraordinary complex, and it demands three to four times the number of rehearsals required for almost any other opera.
    • It is a subtle and complex book, and it demands a knowledge of history and philosophy as well as of science.
    • Each of these activities demands resources and takes attention away from, let's say, some more fundamental types of educational needs.
    • One of the rescuers described cave diving as a highly dangerous activity, which demanded great skill.
    • The process is most advanced in the physical sciences, in which research activity demands a large amount of expensive equipment.
    • He demands detailed contracts for everything, despite the protests of natives used to short-form deal memos.
    • Examining the legality of the route demands a detailed proportionality assessment.


  • 1

    exigencia feminine
    (in negotiations) reivindicación feminine
    (in negotiations) reclamo masculine
    (request) petición feminine
    (request) pedido masculine Latin America
    (draft/deposit/note) (before noun) a la vista
    to comply with sb's demands satisfacer las exigencias de algn
    • the union's wage demands las reivindicaciones salariales del sindicato
    • the trial made enormous demands on his health el juicio puso a prueba su salud
    • her work makes heavy / great demands on her time el trabajo le absorbe gran parte del tiempo
    • she did not feel equal to the demands of the job no se sentía capaz de hacer frente a las exigencias del trabajo
  • 2

    demanda feminine
    (the) demand exceeds (the) supply la demanda es superior a / supera la oferta
    • there is (a) great demand for teachers hay una gran demanda de profesores
    • to create a demand for sth crear demanda de algo